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User:Johan G/In my sandbox

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Using the obr and cbr templates
* [[User:Johan G/Messagebox style sandbox|Messagebox style sandbox]]. Trying to find reasonable styles for a messagebox meta template.
* [[User:Johan G/common.css|User CSS]]. Trying to implement the styles for a messagebox meta template in a way that allows inclusion in common.css.
* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/Messagebox|messagebox]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Meta template experiments.
* [[User:Johan G/Messagebox/test|Messagebox/test]] Testing of the above template.
* [[User:Johan G/Table style sandbox|Table style sandbox]]. Trying to find reasonable styles for checklists, key combinations and OS prompt variations.
* [[User:Johan G/Nested boxes and syntax highlighting|Nested boxes and syntax highlighting]]
* [[User:Johan G/Sandbox|Sandbox]] for short lived temporary experiments.
* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/Canvas snippet|canvas snippet]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Canvas snippet template, general idea by Hooray.* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/main|GitStatus/main]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> (Hopefully) making GitStatus easier to maintain.** <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/status|GitStatus/status]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Current status (or on bad input, error messages)** <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/text open|GitStatus/text open]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Text shown if status == open** <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/text frozen|GitStatus/text frozen]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Text shown if status == frozen** <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/text closed|GitStatus/text closed]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Text shown if status == closed** <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/GitStatus/next status|GitStatus/next status]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Next status and days left to it (or on bad input, error messages)* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/Newsletter|Newsletter]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Trying to add navigation links to previous and next editions.
* [[User:Johan G/Aircraft series|FlightGear wiki:Manual of Style – Aircraft series and disambiguation pages]] proposal for a manual of style for aircraft series/disambiguation pages.
* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>obr}}[[User:Johan G/Repo file|repo file]]<nowiki>{{cbr}}</nowiki> Meta template for the {{tl|fgdata file}}, {{tl|simgear file}} and {{tl|flightgear file}} templates.* {{obr}}[[User:Johan G/Repo file|repo file]]{{cbr}} 
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