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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Updates in Development Repository (after FG 2017.2)
{{infobox Aircraft|image = EC130.jpg|name = Eurocopter EC130 B4 / EC130 T2|type = Civilian helicopter|fdm = YASim |authors = Heiko Schulz (Basic 3d-model, FDM, Nasal Scripts)<br/>Melchior Franz (Nasal)<br/>Michael Habarta (Model details, Animations, Liveries, Configuration Menu, Debugging)<br/>FlightGear Community (help and support)|fgname = ec130b4 or ec130t2|status-fdm = 4|status-systems = 4|status-cockpit = 4|status-model = 5|download =http:{{PAGENAME}}//www.flightgear.org/download/aircraft-v3-4/|development =https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130info}}
This is a model of the '''Eurocopter EC130 B4 / EC130 T2 (H130)''', a single engine light [[helicopter]] based on and developed from the [[Ecureuil AS 350 Helicopter|AS350]]'s.
=== The FlightGear Model===
This model of the “EC130 B4” B4/H130” was built using very detailed drawings, the Pilots Flight Manual and pilot reports.
[[Livery over MP|Livery-over-mp]] including dynamic configurable external stores like skibox, deployable emergency floats, FLIR's etc. which affects CoG, weight and drag.
[[File:EC130 MedFlight N130NE.jpg|thumb|280px|right|The "new" EMS variant of EC130-B4, as used by MedFlight, Ohio, USAHeli Alps version]]
=== Goals ===
=== Issues ===
See latest version and issues in the development repository (link at the top)
Some simulation related issues are:
* GTX328 and GNS430 only dummies (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/4 Issue #4 (CR)] in dev repo)
* bad autorotation behavior?? at high speed above 110 ktn (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/5 Issue #5])
* some caution lights on panel (outside CWS) not working (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/8 Issue #8 (CR)]
* <del>ETL on the central panel isn't working (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/9 Issue #9 (CR)]</del> {{Done}}
* Buttons on side of VEMD not functional (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/10 Issue #10 (CR)]
* <del>Nasal error with Mouse handling of Twist Grip, but works (fixed in FG 3.5 version, FG 3.0 only)</del> {{Done}}
* Nasal error after crash (is [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130/issues/6 Issue #6])
* <del>GSDI (is not switched if only livery is changed) (fixed in FG 3.5 version, FG 3.0 only)</del> {{Done}}
* <del>Texture of N130NE (Medflight) is too large (4096x2048px), may cause ressource problems if used/switched (Rembrandt) (fixed in FG 3.5 version, FG 3.0 only)</del> {{Done}}
== Pilot Flight Manual ==
*** other payload like luggage
** activate/deactivate '''Specific Views'''
* --> see '''Menu: EC130-B4or H130/Configuration (Livery,Payload,...)''' 
=== Heli Usage ===
* '''Info''' about the '''Heli-Operator''' --> see '''Menu: EC130-B4or H130/Operator/Model Info (Alt-i)'''
* '''Tutorials''' guide through the preparation and startup process --> see '''Menu: Help/Tutorials'''
* '''Checklists''' based on pilot handbook help to follow standard procedures --> see '''Menu: Help/Aircraft Checklists'''
* '''Autostart/Autoshutdown''' available after 5 flights --> see '''Menu: EC130-B4or H130/Autostart''' or '''Autoshutdown'''
* '''Shortcuts and general Info''' --> see '''Menu: Help/Aircraft Help'''
[[File:EC130-B4 wide luggage box-012.jpg|thumb|240px|right|ZS-HOY of Starlite Helicopters with wide luggage boxes seen from above]]
'''FG 3.5''' version of '''EC130 B4''' is the first update after FG 3.0 version and the first one made available in [{{fgaddon urlaircraft source|ec130}} |text=FGAddon - ec130] }} at the new Sourceforge FGAddon SVN repository.
===New Liveries===
== Updates as of FG 2016 .1 version ==
[[File:EC130_GC_Gold-009.jpg|thumb|290px|right|The 50 year anniversary "Golden Copter" EC130 , of Grand Canyon Helicopters, USA]]
[[File:EC130 GC Golden Copter Formation-026.jpg|thumb|290px|right|Five helicopter formation of Grand Canyon Helicopters in flight over Arizona]]
In '''FG 2016.1''' release the following improvements are done. If you are interested in the newest features see [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130 '''Gitlab development repository''']
===New Liveries===
* '''N836GC Grand Canyon Gold''' 50 years anniversary special ''Golden Copter'' painting
== Updates after as of FG 2016 2017.2 version ==
[[File:H130 Air Zermatt.png|thumb|290px|right|H130 of Air Zermatt]]
[[File:H130 BH fgfs-screen-001.png|thumb|290px|right|new Blue Hawaiian H130]]
[[File:H130 GC fgfs-screen-002.jpg|thumb|290px|right|Grand Canyon Helicopters H130]]
[[File:H130 MH fgfs-screen-004.png|thumb|290px|right|new Maverick Helicopters H130]]
After '''FG 2016''' release the following improvements are done. If you are interested in the newest features see [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130 '''Gitlab development repository''']
===General Updates===
* '''H130 (EC130 T2)''' variant added
** liveries split up EC130 B4 and H130
** menu/dialogs adjusted
** panel instruments modified
*** Turn indicator removed
*** CWS redesigned
*** Horizon (AI) redesigned
*** ELT switch moved to panel
*** KA51b moved to panel
*** Emergency switch removed
**'''New panel of H130'''
<gallery widths=550 heights=300>File:H130 panel-001.jpg</gallery>
* Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15)
* Full autostart including external power fetch/remove and Twist-Grip run-up
* '''Co-Pilot, Passenger and Patient models''' added
** Co-Pilot animated model (like pilot)
** Pilots/Passengers can be seated/removed by click animations
** Co-Pilot can fly without Pilot
** Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15)
* '''Luggage''' added
** visible luggage is added according to weight,
** special stretcher roller added for EMS configuration
** can be added/removed by click animation
* '''Tooltips'''
** Fuel tooltip shows percentage of tank fill
** Weight related tooltips (passengers,luggage) show percentage of used MTOW
* '''Limit Warnings'''
** VNE warning considers altitude, pwr on/off and checks for open doors
** New temperature warning if air temperature is outside of range -20°C <-> +50°C
** improved limit warnings with more details and two warnings simultaneously possible
* '''Multi Player'''
** MP behaviour extended and compatibility improved
* '''FDM improvements'''
** more stable hover behaviour
** simulate main rotor downwash on horizontal stabilizers
* Use of new fresnel effect in reflection shader
===New Liveries===
File:H130 new air intake and passengers.png|H130 new air intake and passengers
File:H130 people fgfs-screen-019.jpg|View from inside with passengers
File:EC130 stretcher-001.png|Stretcher empty
File:EC130 stretcher patient-003.png|Patient on stretcher with backrest lifted
File:H130 people fgfs-screen-001.jpg|People seated, click to place/remove them
File:EC130 stretcher-001.png|Stretcher empty
File:EC130 luggage 1.png|H130 with one piece of luggage loaded
File:EC130 luggage full.png|H130 with luggage box loaded full
File:EC130 luggage wide full.png|EC130 with wide luggage box and fully packed
File:H130 remove luggage tooltip.jpg|H130 remove luggage tooltip
File:H130 ski luggage.jpg|Left basket with skis
File:H130 ski luggage some.jpg|Left nasket open
File:H130 ski luggage closed.jpg|Left basket full and closed
File:H130 some luggage right.jpg|H130 some luggage in right compartment
File:H130 right luggage full.jpg|H130 right luggage fully packed
File:H130 remove luggage tooltip.jpg|H130 remove luggage tooltip
File:EC130 EMS equipment.jpg|special stretcher roller as luggage in EMS configuration
File:EC130 EMS equipment with patient.jpg|EMS equipment with patient
File:H130 fuel animation.jpg|"Fuel" animation: refuel the heli by click or mouse-wheel animation
== Updates in Development Repository (after FG 2017.2) ==
After '''FG 2017.2''' release the following improvements were done. If you are interested in the newest features see [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130 '''Gitlab development repository''']
{{Eurocopter}}===General===* more stable flight behavior, especially in hover situations
[[Category===New Liveries===* '''N127LG''' Flight For Life Colorado (H130), operational since May 1st, 2017.The helicopter started operation on May 1st, 2017 and provides transportation to pediatric patients within a 120-mile service area, including Colorado, southwestern Nebraska and southern Wyoming. <gallery widths=300 heights=180px>File:Helicopters]]H130 N127LG-002.png|NEW Heli stationed at Centennial Airport Denver (KAPA)File:H130 N127LG LOWI-007.png|H130 of Flight For Life Colorado on Heliport of Innsbruck Hospital</gallery> ===Hot Stuff===<gallery widths=700 heights=380px>File:Hot Stuff with H130 at Stromboli.jpg|Flying with H130 of Blue Hawaiian next to an eruption of Stromboli volcano. (FG 2018)</gallery>{{Eurocopter}}

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