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Building FlightGear - Linux

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=== Gentoo ===
* Gentoo users can also use overlays to build FlightGear without much hassle: [[Building Flightgear - Gentoo]].
=== CentOS ===
CentOS users can follow these instructions to build FlightGear on [[Building Flightgear - CentOS | CentOS 8]].
== Requirements ==
{{Note|as of 12/2017, people may have to build using at least OSG 3.4 due to some compilation issues -for details, refer to [[Howto:Building FlightGear without HiDPI support]]}}
Edit 12/9/15 - These instructions are out of date! Do not use for compiling.
Before you can compile FlightGear, you need to have the following installed on your computer:

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