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MBB Bo 105

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BO105: First answer to Warty in the forum
'''MBB Bo 105''' was a turbine powered [[helicopter]] introduced in the 1970s by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm also known as PAH-1. It was later produced by Eurocopter. It has three selectable liveries that can be changed with Y key, included a military variant with armament that can be fired.
The fdm is based on various very detailed reports, so the flight handling and all needed inputs matches exactly the real values. It had been also tested sucessfully by at least two real life pilots, so it is currently the most realistic helicopter in FlightGear regarding flight handling. Like the real version it doesn't have any helping assistence, in Real Life only the militarian PAH-Version had a YAW-SAS.
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