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FlightGear Newsletter November 2015

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AeromatiC++ 3.0 released
Every system adds its own lift, drag and/or side forces, and pitch, roll and/or yaw moments if selected.
Work is already underway for version Version 3.101.0 adds code that estimates CLde, which will greatly improves the approximation of most of the liftCma, sideCMadot, rollCmq, pitch Cmde, CYbeta, Cnbeta, Cnr, Cndr, Clbeta, Clr and yaw coefficientsClp based on wing geometry. Also CYp, CYr, CYdr and Cnp based on wing geometry was added which previous versions did not specify. For this to work properly you have to provide factual data. Do not try to estimate it yourself. If some data is unknown leave it blank and AeromatiC++ will make it's own estimation or reverts to the table lookup method provided by David.
=== Early HLA Experiments ===

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