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Space Shuttle (FG Space Program)

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Cheat sheet: Switch to the new "keytable" class.
{{distinguish|Space Shuttle}}
{{infobox Aircraft
|image = Atlantis.png
|alt = shuttle ''Atlantis''
|name = shuttle
|type = Spacecraft
|fdm = JSBSim
|status-fdm = 4
|status-systems = 2
|status-cockpit = 0
|status-model = 5
|status = Pretty Active Development
|authors = HerbyW (FDM) Firefly 3D <br> Original Project Jon S. Berndt
|fgname = shuttle
|fgname-variants= SpaceShuttle-Atlantis SpaceShuttle-Columbia SpaceShuttle-Launcher
|download = https://www.github.com/HerbyW/shuttle
|ready = rembrandt
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
{{Note|This section refers to a Space Shuttle in a private hangar, not to the orbiter in FGAddon. }}
== Aircraft help ==
=== Cheat sheet ===
{| class="prettytablekeytable"
|Open autopilot dialog.
|{{Key press|:}}{{Key press|D}}{{Key press|f}}
|Open Payload and Fuel dialog. Case sensitive.
== Compatibility ==
The SpaceShuttle shuttle is been developing and tested on several platforms, including GNU/Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X with FlightGear 3.2 3.4 and GIT.
== Thanks to... ==
* [[FlightGear space program missions]]
* [[Space Shuttle]]
* [[Antonov_AnAntonov_AN-225-Mrija|Antonov 225Mrija]]* [[Antonov_AnAntonov_AN-2222A|Antonov 2222A]]* [[Antonov_AnAntonov_AN-1212BK|Antonov 1212BK]]
* [[Shuttle Landing Facility‎]]
* [[National Air and Space Museum]]

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