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Extra EA-500/IFD

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PFD : Primary Flight Display
* R5 : Set VS
* RK : adjusts the selected bug, default Heading
==={{key press|L1}} : Primary Nav===
Enables you 3 sources [Nav1|Nav2|FMS] to drive the autopilot.
'''Nav1 Nav2'''
Autopilot in NAV mode will follow the radio navigation aids VOR, LOC or ILS.
With the rotary knob {{key press|LK}} you can select the course and sync by pushing the wheel.
VOR sync bearing.
LOC sync course line.
Autopilot in NAV/GPSS mode will follow the flightplan as filed.
With the rotary knob {{key press|LK}} you can adjust the course to a waypoint. The FMS will switch in OBS mode and use the course as a radial for the given waypoint.
==FMS : Flight Management System==

Navigation menu