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Joystick autopilot bindings

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== Introduction ==
Autopilots are often very useful devices, but unfortunately there the standard key bindings of Flightgear control the `magic autopilot' rather than the simulated real oneones, and the only way to control popular GA autopilots is by clicking the corresponding buttons in the 3D-cockpit. This is awkward if there is a need to change mode or turn off the autopilot quickly (at final stage of ILS landing, or if the autopilot does something silly).
Every type of autopilot is operated quite differently, such that these keys only work for specific models. Here, key bindings are provided for the [[Bendix/King KAP140 Autopilot]] (in the [[Cessna 172]]) and the [ CENTURY III Autopilot POH] ([[Seneca II]]).
* CENTURYIII: Move mode selector button to the right (clockwise) <br />
(SHIFT) Move mode selector button to the left (anti-clockwise) <br />
Both direction directions are wrapped, i.e. you can keep pressing the button until you arrive at the selected mode. In turn, the modes selected are: NAV, OMNI, HDG, LOC NORM, LOC REV. Please refer to the CENTURYIII manual for further explanation.

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