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Troubleshooting problems

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This page will try to help you '''troubleshooting problems''' with your [[FlightGear]] installation, from the diagnosis to a possible solution, and if you can't find such a solution will tell you how you can provide the best information to the people who will try to help you on the forum.
* If you have control device issues (keyboard, joystick...) see [[Troubleshooting input devices]].
Check out [[Hardware Recommendations]] for more information about video cards and other hardware that works has been reported to work with FlightGear.
== If all else fails... ==
[[de:Problemlösung]][[es:Resolviendo problemas]][[fr:Troubleshooting_ProblemsRésolution de problèmes]][[nl:Problemen oplossen]][[pt:Resolvendo_Problemas]]

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