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Extra EA-500

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version 1.2.0
== Status ==
Current stable release is 1.12.0 (2212.0612.2014) and can be found in the fgdata master branch / fgaddon repository [ FGAddon].
For the stable release make sure you are on the release/1.12.0 branch!
Since March 2013 D-EKEW, D-LEON, D-STHO are working on this model. They are making use of original data from the Pilot's Operation Handbook. People who have experienced the aircraft in real life help calibrating the FDM as well as tuning the systems behavior.
The Extra500 is available via Gitorious:
We recommend Flightgear version 3.1 available via the Flightgear master branch or win/mac nightly'slater, to benefit from the performance improvements in the canvas system.
Stable release is available from the fgdata/master branch fgaddon repository or alternatively:
git clone <nowiki></nowiki>
cd extra500
git checkout release/1.12.0
or use the download button on: [ release/1.12.0].
The current development takes place in the master branch
There are several types of messages that may appear on your screen:
# Failure(red): a failure has occurred# Warnings(red): an aircraft limit has been exceeded, immediate action required# Cautions(yellow): a limit has been exceeded, action needed within 5 minutes# Info(blue): some general information on why something does not work or some other peculiarity
# Trim: shows if the pilot (you) needs to pull or push the yoke. You will need to use the elevator trim (mouse wheel) accordingly.

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