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Template:Not done

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[[File:Cross 32px.png |16px |alt=Not done |link=:Template:Not done]] '''Not done'''<noinclude>{{Informative template|1=__NOTOC__
== Goal ==
To use when a task is not done, and for some reason will not be.
{{inote|When work on a task has begun, but has been abandoned, use {{tl|abandoned}} instead.}}
{{inote|When work on a task has been paused with the intention of being restarted, use {{tl|paused}} instead.}}
== Usage ==
<code><nowiki>{{not done}}</nowiki></code>Leaving It is recommended to leave an explanation or a motivation might be a good idea. == Example ==* Add live tail cam view to EICAS. {{not done}} Currently not technically feasible.
== Related templates ==
* {{tl|abandoned}}
* {{tl|done}}
* {{tl|fixed}}
* {{tl|ongoing}}
* {{tl|pending}}
* {{tl|progressbar}}
* {{tl|paused}}
[[Category:Progress templates]]

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