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Howto:Dynamic Liveries via Canvas

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Model Work
[[ in Blender.jpg|400px|right| in Blender, showing the Texture allocations thus far]]
To start with, I cloned the EF2000's model and made a copy called "", cloned the model XML file in the same way, and changed the paths appropriately to create a completely separate model for this experiment. The model objects which will be subject to the dynamic effects - effectively, the painted surfaces - were isolated from items like the canopy glass, gear and engines and given the same material, named '''CanvasPaint''' and consisting of an image texture: a livery in Air Superiority Grey but without the dirt layer already included. My first experiment will be to create a canvas and try to apply it to the mesh.
[[File:Two-layers.jpg|325px|thumb|left|The two textures concerned, the ASG paintwork and the separate alpha transparency with dirt streaks]]

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