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Virtual airlines

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Virtual airlines
|website =
{{Virtual airline summary
|name = Union Airways Virtual
|established = May 2013
|logo = union_logo.jpg
|status = Active
|callsign = UAVxxx
|history = The Union Airways virtual is one of the newest virtual airlines in FlightGear. After a few closures and re-openings, the airline is now stable and active. Different and unique, Union Airways is the airline which emerged out of the need for a different virtual airline. Our airline is aiming to be one of the most exciting, modern and enthusiastic virtual airlines in FlightGear. Union Airways is the only FlightGear based virtual Airline in the Balkans ,which is our primary operational area,with flights to EU Countries,Mediterranean,Russia,Middle East and much more.
* DHC-8 400
* Boeing 737-800NG
* Boeing 737-900NG
* Boeing 767-300ER
* Airbus A330-200
* Boeing 777-200ER
|main-hub = LQBK Banja Luka
|website =

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