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North American P-51 Mustang

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UV Mapping, Texturing, Bump Mapping Reflection Mapping
[[File:P-51D WIP View Looking Up At The Wheel Wells.png|thumb|The P-51D model looking up into the wheel wells.]]
=== UV Mapping, Texturing, Bump Mapping and Reflection Mapping ===
''(updated 67-0921-2014)''* UV mapping, texturing, bump mapping and reflection mapping need to be is mostly done for everything.** Initial There will likely be some adjustments to some parts of the UV map in placeas texturing proceeds. New exterior 3D model * Texturing is now in sim but is mostly in gray primerunderway.** If anyone would like to help with this please feel free Bump mapping is underway but is very time consuming. It is currently about 20% to contact me via a PM on 25% complete and will need additional work after the FlightGear forum3.2 release.* Reflection mapping is mostly done and only needs final tweaks.** Texture source materialsfor markings and fittings.
*** HG476-1 through HG476-6, R140 (D model), S254, P246, P247, B971, G415, C101
*** 10*-48144, 104-73365
==== 3D cockpit ====
''(updated 67-0921-2014)''* When the new external model work is completely done a mostly new 3D cockpit will be built out from the skin inward. Until then the existing interior will be fitted into the new cockpit. * Almost none of the existing models in the cockpit were built from actual plans/blue prints and as a result are not accurately modeledeven if they appear to be OK visually. * Currently in the process of moving The existing interior models have been moved into the new fuselage. Fit not perfect but close enough to allow getting things working in sim and components can be replaced as time permitsfor the FG 3.2 release. * The new correctly dimensioned cockpit is about 3 inches narrower and 3.5 inches lower relative to the Fuselage Reference line than the existing old model. In addition the new model has the 0, 0, 0 point located in the factory location which is 7.68 inches behind the front edge of the cowl. So the 0, 0, 0 point is about 32 inches 1.192 meters behind the old location. This means that the old interior components like gauges, radios, controls... need to be were moved around a considerable amount to get them fitted into the new cockpit. It also means that many animations of existing components need needed to be modified to use the new locations.
* Components that will not need to be remodeled include:
** Most instruments.
==== Non-3D model related ====
''(updated 6-137/21-2014)''* YASim version will be has been removed. Done.* Directory structure will be has been changed to reflect current FlightGear standardsbut there is still some cleanup work needed as cruft tends to creep in as work is underway.** Underway now.** There is currently a considerable amount Most of the cruft in the Model directory that will be has been removed during this process.* Animate The new model. This is a non-trivial task that has just started. All items mostly animated in the old model are now animated in the new model.* The model is now fully integrated into the FDM.** It The aircraft has a fully functional cockpit including hot spotsand check lists. ** all All weapons systems are operational and the guns have been sighted in.* Add Need to add matriculation.* Add engine Engine start up smokehas been added.
* Add exhaust flames.
* Add Gun muzzle smoke and flash to gunsanimations are in place and scale with hardware capabilities.* Add gun Gun cartridge case ejection animation. 50 BMG case already modeledis in place, working and scale with hardware capabilities.
== Airplane of the Week/Month ==

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