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Extra EA-500

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The Extra500 is available via Gitorious:
We recommend flightgear Flightgear version 3.1 available via the flightgear Flightgear master branch or win/mac nightly's, to benefit from the improvents improvements in the canvas system.
Stable release :
# Show/hide the checklist.
# Show/hide the config options.
# Minimise Minimize the dialog. For automated in flight usage.
# Close the dialog and its action.
# Allow the dialog to move the view to the action.
# Pick a required checklist and load it.
# Plays and stops the checklist. All actions will be done in an automated seqence.
# Moves the view to the action and schows shows the pink circle.# Perfom Perform the action.# Subpage Sub-page navigation of the checklist
# Next checklist for the next flight phase.
CAUTION: for Take-off (5 minutes) maximum TRQ limit is 111%, TOT 810degC
* Parking Brake: Release ( {{key press|Shift|B}} or push in middle Bowden cable in middle console )
NOTE: For strong sidewindside-wind, turn the ailerons against the wind
* At 71KIAS: Rotate
* Gear: Retract ( {{key press|G}} or click the gear switch )
[[File:Extra500 audiopanel.png|thumb|400px|Extra500 audiopanel: Com1, Nav1 and Marker selected]]
See [[Extra EA-500/IFD|here]] for a more detailed discription description of the IFD-s.
The COM unit (1 or 2 ) is selected on the audiopanel. Just hit the appropriate "XMT" button. Note that FGCOM only works on COM1!
The FMS (Flight Management System) can be used with or without the autopilot. You can put your flightplan in the
autopilot - route manager (dont don't forget to press {{key press|activate}}). The autopilot will intercept the active leg.
While flying a flightplan (FMS is the Nav source and NAV is selected on the autopilot), you can do some special stuff without touching the autopilot:

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