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Extra EA-500/IFD

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==FREQ LIST : Frequency List==
<span style="color:grey">The {{key press|FREQ LIST}} will show a list of the most logical frequencies for your geographic position and flight phase. with the {{key press|knob FMSknob}} you can select it into the stanby frequency of the active com radio tranciver</span>
==Special Keys==
* -D-> : DirectTo the selected waypoint in the active flightplan
* -V-> : FlyVectors an override of the active flightplan the plane will follow the HDG bug.
==Altitude knob==
The altitude knob(bottom left) immediately edit the altitude bug of the autopilot. If use the edit altitude screen is displayed.
==Heading knob==
The heading knob(bottom center) immediately edit the heading bug of the autopilot. If use the edit headinng screen is displayed. By pushing the heading bug is synced with the current heading of the aircraft.
==FMS knob==
The FMS knob(bottom right) has several functionality depending on the performt operation in the keypad and ifd. In most cases it will scroll through selectable objects.

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