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Extra EA-500/IFD

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FMS : Flight Management System
===FMS : Flight Management System===
The Flight Plan tab enables you to view and edit a flight plan.
====FMS - Flightplan====
[[File:IFD FMS-FlightPlan.png|400px|thumbnail|right|IFD FMS-FlightPlan]]
The Flight Plan tab enables you to view and edit a flight plan.
* L1 : Traffic Mode Normal, Above, Unlimited, Below. Range 2NM 6NM
* L2 : Tuning select Com or Nav
* L3 : select Com1, Nav1
* L4 : select Com2, Nav2
* L5 : Transponder ident
* R3 : Info Off, Metar, Nav Data
* R4 : -D-> direct to waypoint
* R5 : Delete Waypoint
* LK : Tune/Tune/Swap (all but L5)
* RK : Squak/Squak/Mode (only L5)
====FMS - Map FPL====
[[File:IFD FMS-Map FPL.png|400px|thumbnail|right|IFD FMS-Map FPL]]
Is a split screen with the moving map and the flightplan. There are no LSK keys use the brezl or keypad to interact with the map and flightplan
* LK : Range/Range/View
* RK : Scroll coarse/Scroll fine/Select
===Map : Moving Map===

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