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Extra EA-500

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[[File:IFD Keys.png|400px|thumbnail|leftright|IFD Keys]]
Each display has five page-select keys at the bottom. With these keys the active page can be selected. On the active page, the current key will navigate through the associated tabs. On the left- and right hand side, there are multi- function keys, so called "Line Select Key"(LSK). Each tab can serve a function on the LSK. If it is active it's indicated with a light on the key(green at day, white at night). The display shows also a label next to the LSK-key with the intended function name. On the left and right bottom corners, there are two bezels the intended function is displayed in the left/right corners of the tab indication.
===SYS : System Pages===
===CHKL: Electronic Checklist===
===COM : Communication Freqencies===

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