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Extra EA-500

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Extra500 checklist dialog explanation
{{key press|C}} Engage Control Wheel Steering (CWS, see below)
===Checklist dialog===
[[File:Dialog CheckList.png|400px|thumbnail|right|Check List Dialog]]
The checklists going along with the manufacturers POH. The Extra500 provide a dialog to read, view and perform the necessary task for each flight phase. Checklists can performed manually and automated just let the dialog do the work.
# Show/hide the checklist.
# Show/hide the config options.
# Minimise the dialog. For automated in flight usage.
# Close the dialog and its action.
# Allow the dialog to move the view to the action.
# The dialog will show a pink circle at the action.
# Write message on to of screen, nice for txt to speach(festival).
# Make the dialog transparent.
# Faster work through the automated checklist.
# Pick a required checklist and load it.
# Plays and stops the checklist. All actions will be done in an automated seqence.
# Moves the view to the action and schows the pink circle.
# Perfom the action.
# Subpage navigation of the checklist
# Next checklist for the next flight phase.

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