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Boeing 777F

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Aircraft help
== Aircraft help ==
[[File:Cockpit.jpg|thumb|270px|The 3D [[cockpit]] of a 777-200]]
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You can see a guide on how to fly this plane on [[Boeing 777-200 Tutorial]].
For version 2.0, an [[Boeing 777 Tutorial: Version 2.0|updated version]] is available.
'''Important notice:''' as of FlightGear 2.4.0, the 777 has tiller steering, just like the real aircraft where the pedals only turn the nose wheel by a few degrees - to achieve optimal precision during takeoffs and landings. Use the tiller (777-200ER > Tiller Steering) dialog to steer during taxiing.
* You can also connect a separate joystick axis to the tiller control - just like in the real aircraft, where there is a separate control wheel.
* Finally, you can also disable the separate tiller control and revert to the unrealistic behaviour of using pedals only to completely control the nose wheel (see 777-200ER > Tiller Steering dialog).
=== Start Procedure ===
* Go to Equipment > Fuel and Payload and set your fuel amounts and make sure your tanks are selected
* Right-click twice to get into the move view mode and look at the overhead panel then click all the electrical buttons until they are all lit up
* Hold the 's' button for 10 seconds or until the engines are running at idle.
=== Autopilot ===
[[File:777-200_Autopilot.png|thumb|270px|777-200 Autopilot]]
The 777 autopilot can be fully controlled using the 3D cockpit switches. For FG2.4.0 use left and middle mouse buttons to turn any switches left/right. For FG2.5.0 and newer, you can use the mouse scroll wheel on all cockpit knobs.An Autoland system is going to be available as of v2.6.0
You can also use the 777's built-in autopilot tutorial to learn about the different switches.
(Also see [ forums]).

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