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The Festival of FlightGear, November 2014

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{{WIPhistorical|The page will be amended as reason=This is a concluded FlightGear event}}{{note|1=Edits to the participants and organizers agree article should reflect consensus on the practices to be followed[ dedicated forum thread].}}
'''The Festival of FlightGear''' will be a multiplayer event hosted in conjunction with [[FSweekend 2014]] (November 1st-2nd) and taking place in the Iberian Peninsula.
! scope="col"| Title
! scope="col"| Time (UTC)
! scope="col"| Airport
! scope="col"| Required aircraft/theme
! scope="col"| Details
| The Pond Racer Pow-wow<ref>[ The Pond Racer Pow-wow original forum post]</ref>
| Sat, 14:00&ndash;16:00
| A Coruña (LECO) &ndash; ''to be confirmed''
| Rutan Pond Racer
| Pilots will take three laps (each approx. 85 NM long), the exact route will be published soon. Fastest time in completing the laps wins. There will be a designated timekeeper for the race who will start the stopwatch at GO and mark time as each pilot crosses the finish line. In case of game crashes, a pilot will be allowed to restart his lap without time penalties; if a pilot crashes his aircraft on terrain, he's out.
== Airport classification map ==
[ KL-666] has provided [ an interactive map of all builtup airports] categorized by available navaids and accessibility.
* <span style="color: green;">Green</span> marked airports are accessible by large jets (like the 747), <span style="color: yellow;">yellow</span> marked airports can be used by medium jets (like the 737), <span style="color: red;">red</span> marked airports are accessible to general aviation aircraft only.
* Diamond markers denote that ILS is available; square markers denote that only a VOR is available; star markers denote that only an NDB is available; circle markers signal that no navaids are present.
== Controlled airports ==
Several airports will be manned to provide a realistic environment; check the exact times on [ Lenny's website].
Voice communication (held exclusively via [[Mumble]], server: <tt></tt>) is preferred; text chat will be offered as a backup service. Level-D files for the [[Route Manager]], [[Interactive traffic|ground networks]]/parking positions and [[OpenRadar]] maps are available.* The OpenRadar map was included in the {{sourceforge source| proj = openradar-routes| repo = code| path = LEBL/LEBL.xml| text = OpenRadar route repository}}.* The [ Level-D file] and the [ ground network] (updated as of November 2014) can be downloaded from elgaton's website.
We kindly ask pilots flying there to follow these guidelines to make this experience enjoyable for everyone.
* You will be expected to communicate using at least basic ICAO phraseology - see the [[ATC phraseology]] and the [[ATC Tutorial]] wiki pages.
* You must be able to taxi, takeoff, land, maintain an assigned heading/speed/altitude.
* Please [[Getting You will be expected to carry aeronautical charts|get aeronautical charts]&ndash; the set we're going to use is [ the latest official one (AIP Spain)] if possible and . Make also sure to follow [[ATC best practices]].
=== Flightplans ===
Though this is not mandatory, all pilots are encouraged to file flightplans on [ Lenny's website].
See [[Flight planning]] to learn how to file a flightplan.
=== ATC scheduling ===
To apply for an ATC position, make sure you:# will be able to provide voice service;# know ICAO phraseology and procedures very well (see [[ATC phraseology]] and [[ATC Tutorial]]);# can handle stressful situations and be always polite and patient;# can man your position for at least two (uninterrupted) hours;then download the OpenRadar files, create a new session on ['s website] and update this wiki page if possible. {{note|1=Make sure to check [http:/index/flightgear-atc.php5 Lenny's website]for any last minute schedule changes.}} {| class="wikitable"! scope="col"| Time (UTC)! scope="col"| Airport! scope="col"| Controllers|-| Sat, 00:00&ndash;02:00| Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)||-| Sat, 00:00&ndash;02:00| Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)||-| Sat, 13:10&ndash;15:10| Palma de Mallorca (LEPA)|* J Maverick (Tower+Ground)|-| Sat, 17:00&ndash;23:00| Bilbao Airport(LEBB)||-| Sat, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)|* J Maverick (Tower)* ElGaton (Ground)* IAHM-COL (Center)|-| Sat, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)||-| Sat, 19:00&ndash;21:00| Madrid Barajas (LEMD)||-| Sun, 13:10&ndash;15:10| Palma de Mallorca (LEPA)|* J Maverick (Tower+Ground)|-| Sun, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)|* J Maverick (Tower)* ElGaton (Ground)* IAHM-COL (Center)|-| Sun, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Madrid Quatro Vientos (LECU)||} {{Appendix}} [[Category:Multiplayer]]

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