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Leipzig/Halle Airport

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New developments 2014
|scenerytile =e012n51
|download =
|terrasync = published [[#Download_via_GIT]] for latest scenery
|runway= 08L/26R
|length= 11,811 ft
'''Leipzig/Halle Airport''' is located in Schkeuditz, Saxony and serves both Leipzig, Saxony and Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, [[Germany]]. In Flightgear this airport was published on [[TerraSync|TerraSync]] in 2010 and publishing of und updated due to new developments via TerraSync started in 2012. In 2014 according to the new world scenery a complete overhaul started.EDDP is also the centre of Leipzig/Halle airspace, which provides air traffic control also for the regional airfield [[Leipzig-Altenburg Airport]].
== Flying at Leipzig/Halle airspace ==
==== De-icing area 2 - multiplayer ready ====
Based on the Zurich type model "Elephant" - originally modelled by Oliver Thurau - an improved version with full multiplayer support is under development. This version isn't only adapted to the special efforts at EDDP, but its also designed to be controlled by ATC. It will be published via TerraSync in November 20132014.
== Surroundings and "Other" ==
=== Download via GIT ===
With FlightGear 3.0 a new world scenery was published, including a new but incorrect 850-layout for EDDP. Developers started a huge overhaul of the EDDP scenery in April 2014. First a new taxiway layout was programmed. Additionally all buildings and objects are replaced. Some models will be remodelled, others will be added. Due to the fact that airport layouts can't be simply updated via TerraSync in a short way, pilots are asked to use the new EDDP CUSTOM SCENERY as long as things aren't updated at TerraSync.
* Download-Development-Scenery
* updated regularly
** '''git clone''' [https://git.gitorious.org/eddp-custom-scenery/eddp-custom-scenery.git https://git.gitorious.org/eddp-custom-scenery/eddp-custom-scenery.git]
=== Download via TerraSync ===
[[TerraSync]] has it all! There is no custom scenery existing. The authors believe on the advantages of TerraSync which makes it easy for every user always to have the latest scenery installed automatically. Updates during redesigning process in 2012 and 2013 are published every month on TerraSync.
* Next update in '''<daysuntil in="days">12-August-20132014</daysuntil>'''
* '''Latest update on TerraSync:'''
** '''20132014-04-2129''' ''Rembrandt lights at apron 1Objects adapted to new (but incorrect) 850-layout''
* Last five updates:
** '''2013-04-21''' ''Rembrandt lights at apron 1''
** 2013-02-13 ''new Messeturm at final approach area of runway 26R''
** 2012-12-21 ''new luggage terminal at apron 1''
** 2012-10-22 ''three new DHL-tanks placed at DHL-area''
** 2012-09-20 ''new VisualGuidingDockingSystem at terminal B''
** 2012-08-30 ''new terminal C published''
=== Development ===
'''Layout'''<br />
* Taxiway bridges: new Position, improved lightning ''(published 07/2012)'' {{tick}}
* New 850-standard: new Layout with all parking positions and improved taxiways ''(pre-development)'' {{hourglassprogressbar|60}}(see [[#Download_via_GIT]])
'''Scenery (Shared Models)'''<br />
* Flora and boundaries: Trees and fences on Apron 1, 2 and 4 are added ''(published 08/2012)'' {{tick}}
* New shared ground vehicles
** Container dolly ''(under development)'' {{progressbar|90hourglass}}** Luggage dolly ''(under development)'' {{progressbar|50hourglass}}
** Pallet dolly ''(planned)''
* New shared Unit Load Devices (ULD)
* DHL-hangar ''(published 2010)'' {{tick}}
* DHL-terminal ''(published 2010)'' {{tick}}
* Interactive DE-ICING areas (Multiplayer supported) {{progressbar|70hourglass}}
* Interactive luggage dolly traffic between terminal B and lugage terminal ''(planned)''
* Luggage terminal ''(published 12/2012)'' {{tick}}
* Converting Lightning to [[Project Rembrandt|Rembrandt]]
** Rembrandt lights at apron 1 ''(published 04/2013)'' {{tick}}
** Rembrandt lights at apron 4 {{progressbar|6080}}
* Converting Buildings to [[Project Rembrandt|Rembrandt]] Lightning
** Luggage terminal ''(pre-development)'' {{hourglass}}
'''Buildings at the city of Leipzig (Static models)'''<br />
* City-Hochhaus {{progressbar|90}}
* Wintergartenhochhaus ''(published 02/2013)'' {{tick}}
* Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Battle of Nations Monument) {{progressbar|40hourglass}}* Red-Bull Arena {{progressbar|80hourglass}}
* Gondwanaland (tropical zoo) ''(published 02/2013)'' {{tick}}
* DVB-T-Tower ''(published 02/2013)'' {{tick}}

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