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Howto:Reassign keyboard bindings

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link to several sets of bindings/individual bindings
This allows you to more easily keep several different files for different types of setups, without having to rename them before starting FG, you only need to change the filename passed in the <tt>--config=</tt> option.
== Custom setups ==
Several users have modified the default keyboard bindings and shared the results.
=== Complete layouts ===
* [ New mice.xml and keyboard.xml for mouse and keyboard users]
=== Individual bindings ===
* [ Taxi/Landing Lights]
* [ Reset all trim to neutral]
* [ New rascal bindings] (control rudder/aileron/elevator as "all or nothing")
* [ Autopilot adjustment]
* [ Concorde rudder keyboard] (rudder on the normal left/right brake keys)
* [ Keyboard "sensitivity"]
* [ Idea for Elevator- and Aileron-trim] (show value of trim in a popupTip)

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