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{{#ifeqswitch: {{{mode}}} | by-year }}} | '''by-year''' still missing ...|=
<!-- listing by year -->=== 2013 ===* [[Canvas MFD FrameworkMapStructure]] (2013/2014: Philosopher & Hooray) {{Progressbar|1070}}* [[NavDisplay]] (2013/2014: Gijs, Hyde) {{Progressbar|60}}* [[Canvas ND FrameworkGUI]] (2013-2015: TheTom) {{Progressbar|3040}}* [[Canvas PFD FrameworkMap API]] (2012: Hooray) {{Progressbar|1050}}* [[Canvas MCDU Framework]] (2012: TheTom) {{Progressbar|3060}} === Yet to come ===See [[Unifying the 2D rendering backend via canvas]] and [[Canvas Wrappers]]. * [[Canvas Animation Framework]] (mostly copy/paste from existing frameworks)* [[Canvas MFD Framework]] (2014: F-JYL, Hooray) {{Not done}}* [[Canvas Radar]] (2014: 5H1N0B1, Hooray) {{Not done}} * [[Canvas PFD Framework]] (2014: Gijs, Hyde, Hooray) {{Not done}}* [[Canvas Plotting Framework]] (2014: kuifje09, Hooray) {{Not done}
* [[Canvas EFB Framework]] {{Not done}}
* Canvas HUD Parser {{Not done}}
* [[ Howto:Parsing 2D Instruments using the Canvas|Canvas 2D Panel Parser]] {{Not done}}
* Canvas dialog XML parser {{Not done}}
In additon, as part of [[Unifying the 2D rendering backend via canvas]], we're also going to re-implement existing C++ features using the Canvas, which involves writing parsers for existing PropertyList-encoded XML files, such as:| detailed=
* HUDs* 2D Panels* README.layout* XML GUI dialogs| navbar=

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