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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Updates in Development Repository (after FG 2017.2)
{{infobox Aircraft|image = EC130.jpg|name = Eurocopter EC130 B4|type = Civilian helicopter|fdm = YASim|authors = Heiko Schulz<br/>Melchior Franz (Nasal)<br/>Michael Habarta (Model details, Animations)<br/>FlightGear Community|fgname = ec130|status-fdm = 4|status-systems = 4|status-cockpit = 4|status-model = 5|download =http:{{PAGENAME}}//|development =}}This is a model of a the '''Eurocopter EC130 B4/ EC130 T2 (H130)''', a single engine light [[helicopter]] based on and developed from the [[Ecureuil AS 350 Helicopter|AS350]]'s.
Indeed “EC130 B4” is just a marketing name by [[Eurocopter]], the real name is still AS350 B4. It is a widebody variant of the AS350 B3 with a completely new designed passenger cabin and fuselage, and equipped with a fan tail (fenestron) instead of the conventional two-blade tailrotor. With this the EC130 B4 is much less noisier than other helicopters of this class. === The Real Thing ===
The helicopter was designed especially for tours, so it features Indeed “EC130 B4” is just a great visibilitymarketing name by [[Eurocopter]], now known as Airbus Helicopters, the real name is still AS350 B4”. It is a left-seated pilot and plenty widebody variant of space insidethe “AS350 B3” with a completely new designed passenger cabin and fuselage and rotor and hydraulics system from the AS355. The EC130 B4 It is also used by equipped with a fan tail (fenestron) instead of the police in Long Beach/CA and by several medical servicesconventional two-blade tailrotor. With this the “EC130 B4” is much less noisier than other helicopters of this class.
The model helicopter was built using very detailed drawingsdesigned especially for tours, so it features a great visibility, a left-seated pilot and plenty of space inside. The “EC130 B4” is also used by the Pilots Flight Manual police in Long Beach/CA and pilot reportsby several medical services.
The “EC130 B4” has been built until 2013. As of 2014 it is replaced by the improved “EC130 T2”, which was renamed to '''“H130”''' in 2015. It has a new and more powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine and a 70% modified airframe. The exterior, cockpit and interior has been also modified.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=H130(EC130 T2) | }}</ref>
=== The FlightGear Model===
This model of the “EC130 B4/H130” was built using very detailed drawings, the Pilots Flight Manual and pilot reports.
[[Image:Checklistready.png|link=Aircraft Checklists]] (Checklists new in Git version)[[Image:Tooltipready.png|link=Tooltips]]
== Features ==
This model is a try and a WIP to get a realistic and complete simulation of a helicopter.
By using [[Nasal]]-scripting nearly all main systems have been simulated to a degree which wasn't available at this time on [[FlightGear]]'s helicopters. The [[flight dynamics model]] is custom made and though a lot of values could only be estimated, it should give an good impression on how the real one flies.
Systems and Procedures are based on the real Flight Manual and as there is no Autostart available so the helicopter has to can be started and shutdown by using the checklist.
The exterior model is detailed and accurate and originally based on accurate drawings, using high-resolution textures and the latest [[Howto: Aircraft Reflection Shader|Reflect-Bump-Spec-Shader]].
[[Livery over MP|Livery-over-mp]] including dynamic configurable external stores like skibox, deployable emergency floats, FLIR's etc. which affects CoG, weight and drag.
[[File:EC130 MedFlight N130NE.jpg|thumb|280px|right|The "new" EMS variant of EC130-B4, as used by MedFlight, Ohio, USAHeli Alps version]]
=== Goals ===
* Fully usable cockpit with controls
* Complete startup procedure{{Done}}* system System failures and engine fire
=== Issues ===
see See latest version and issues in the [ hangar development repository (link at gitorious] the top)
Some simulation related issues are:* <strike>interior with controls not yet ready<GTX328 and GNS430 only dummies (is [https:/strike> / Issue #4 (available CR)] in git versiondev repo)* three instruments (compass, usable transponder and GNS 430) have not yet been added* bad autorotation behavior ?? at high speed above 110 ktn(is [ Issue #5])* <strike>only default sound yet - sound still dependent some caution lights on EC135<panel (outside CWS) not working (is [https:/strike> / Issue #8 (available in git versionCR)]* <strike>Rotor Brake Lever doesn't move anymore in FGFS 2.9Buttons on side of VEMD not functional (is [https://gitlab.11+. Switch to sliding animation planned.<com/strike> mhab/ec130/issues/10 Issue #10 (available in git versionCR)]
== Pilot Flight Manual ==
=== Panel Overview ===
The FlightGear model of the EC130 B4 features the standard panel delivered ex works without any additional customer whishes.
Apart from the missing functions mentioned above it is a fully working helicopter cockpit.
[[File:EC130B4Panel wiki.jpg|800px|Panel of the EC130 B4 showing all the instruments]]
=== Limitations ===
'''Type of Operation:'''
'''The following is not allowed:'''
 -* Aerobatics maneuvers -* in flight engine power reduction except for engine failure trainings and other emergency procedure trainings
'''Weight and Balance Limitations'''
Minimum weight:.........................................................................................3307lbs 3015lbs (1500kg1368kg)B4 / 3159lbs (1433kg) T2
Maximum weight:........................................................................................5350lbs (2427kg)B4 / 5512lbs (2500kg) T2
'''Airspeed limitations'''
430 rpm …...............................................................................maximum rotor rpm power off
<strike>'''Low Rotor rpm aural warning < 360 rpm (not yet implemented)'''</strike> (available in Git version)
<strike>'''High Rotor rpm aural warning > 410 rpm (not yet implemented)'''</strike> (available in Git version)
=== Warning Panel ===
Still uncompleted and especially failures indicated on the panel keeps mostly without any follow-up.
Here some important warnings:
{| class="wikitable" cellpadding="2"
!colspan=2| ENG P lights up
|low oil pressure
|check gauge and land as soon as possible
!colspan=2| TWT Grip lights up
|twist grip not in flight position - engine idles
|set twist throttle into flight position
!colspan=2| MGB P lights up
|Main gear box oil pressure
|check gauge and land as soon as possible
!colspan=2| FUEL lights up
|low fuel
|approx. 15min of flight time remain
!colspan=2| FUEL P lights up
|low fuel pressure
|switch on Boost pump
'''ENG P''' lights up== Helpful Usage Hints for Simulation ==[[File: low Oil pressure EC130 Grand Canyon Helicopters.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of Grand Canyon Helicopters]][[File:EC130- check gauge B4 Blue Hawaiian at coast of Kalaupapa.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters]]
Besides the above documentation there is a lot of additional help available from within Flightgear.
=== Heli Setup ===
* '''Configuration and Help-Dialog (Alt-o)'''
** choose the desired '''Livery (Heli-Operator)'''
** configure the '''Equipment'''
*** Baskets
*** Searchlight
*** Cargo Hook, ...
** set '''Fuel and Payload'''
*** fuel amount
*** passengers
*** other payload like luggage
** activate/deactivate '''Specific Views'''
* --> see '''Menu: EC130-B4 or H130/Configuration (Livery,Payload,...)'''
=== Heli Usage ===* '''TWT GRIPInfo''' lights upabout the '''Heli-Operator''' --> see '''Menu: twist grip not in flight positionEC130- engine idles. Drag mouse up until you get 100% and the light goes offB4 or H130/Operator/Model Info (currently not yet supported on Mac...Alt-i) New'''* '''Tutorials''' guide through the preparation and startup process --> see '''Menu: in Git version Twist Grip Help/Tutorials'''* '''Checklists''' based on collective is animatedpilot handbook help to follow standard procedures --> see '''Menu: Help/Aircraft Checklists'''* '''Autostart/Autoshutdown''' available after 5 flights --> see '''Menu: EC130-B4 or H130/Autostart''' or '''Autoshutdown'''* '''Shortcuts and general Info''' --> see '''Menu: Help/Aircraft Help'''
== Updates as of FG 3.0 Version ==
[[File:EC130 MedFlight N130NE.jpg|thumb|240px|right|The EMS variant of EC130-B4, used by MedFlight, Ohio, USA]]
[[File:EC130-B4 MAC rescue.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of MAC rescue (South Australia)]]
[[File:EC130-B4 ZS-HOY.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of ZS-HOY Starlite Helicopters (South Africa)]]
[[File:EC130-B4 F-GOLH Geneva.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of beautiful F-GOLH]]
[[File:EC130B4 Snow.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Livery of D-HSTS "Heli Gourmet" above snowy landscape]]
[[File:EC130 Mainrotor front.png|thumb|240px|right|Closeup of EC130 Mainrotor, fully animated in all details]]
[[File:EC130-B4 MedFlight using SX-16 Nightsun.jpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130 Helicopter using the SX-16 Nightsun searchlight]]
'''MGB P''' lights up: Main gear box oil pressure- check gauge - land as soon as possible  '''FUEL''' lights up: low fuel - approx. 15min of flight time remain  '''FUEL P''' lights up: fuel pressure- switch on Boost pump == Helpful Usage Hints ==Git version has comfortable configuration and help dialogs, new checklists based on pilot handbook and after 15 flights Autostart/Autoshutdown possibility == Updates of Git Version (to be released with FG 3.0) ==[[File:EC130 MedFlight N130NE.jpg|thumb|The EMS variant of EC130-B4, used by MedFlight, Ohio, USA]][[File:EC130 Grand Canyon Helicopters.jpg|thumb|New Livery of Grand Canyon Helicopters]][[File:EC130 Mainrotor front.png|thumb|Closeup of EC130 Mainrotor, fully animated in all details]][[File:EC130-B4 MedFlight using SX-16 Nightsun.jpg|thumb|EC130 Helicopter using the SX-16 Nightsun searchlight]][[File:EC130 Pilot window.jpg|thumb|Even the pilot window can be opened now]] The [[Eurocopter EC130 B4]] helicopter is on short final for has recieved a new major upgradewith FG 3.0 release.
The existing model, which already had been of very high quality, has been refined in various aspects with lots of effort by '''mhab'''. The outside model has been enriched to a degree which should justify a '''''5*''''' rating and the overall status of the aircraft improves to "'''''production'''''".
The '''Rotorhead''' has been brought to a new level of detail, a full detailed '''Fenestron''' was added and animations were introduced to all moving parts.
'''Cockpit''' was enriched for Pilot/Copilot controls, seats are textured now and a variable cabin configuration allows to set up 5 or 6 seats or an '''Emergency Medical Services (EMS) variant''', which comes preconfigured with 4 seats and a new Livery of '''N130NE MedFlight''' (Ohio)stretcher.
Fans ===New Liveries===* '''N155GC''' of '''Grand Canyon Helicopters''' now find a livery of the N155GC and the , colorful painting in red/gold, 6 seats* '''N11QC''' of '''Blue Hawaiian Helicopters''', 6 seats * '''N130NE''' of ''' MedFlight''' based in Ohio, EMS rescue configuration, 4 seats* '''VH-OSA''' of '''MAC rescue''' based in South Australia, EMS configuration, 4 seats* '''F-GOLH''' a beautiful new livery of a private french model for those who want to travel in style* '''ZS-HOY''' of '''Starlite Helicopters''' based in South Africa, variation of F-GOLH, 6 seats* '''D-HSTS''' privately owned '''Heli Gourmet''' in reference to famous cook Johann Lafer. The livery was done by Sanni, contributed through FG Livery database and was adapted to FG 3.0 version.
A lot of '''equipment''' (most of which was there already but hidden) can now be used, including a full blown '''SX16-Nightsun searchlight'''.
Extra gimmics include a fully animated pilot, glass reflection on windows and front shield and variable rotor wakes depending on the strength of the downwash.
'''If you can't wait''' for the next release '''[ check it out from the Git-Hangar]'''
File:EC130 Fenestron.jpg|A closeup of the full detailed fenestron
File:EC130 snowshoes hook.jpg|EC130 fitted with snowshoes and hook
File:EC130 cabin seatspilot.jpg|EC130 Grand Canyon Helicopters cabin and pilots' pilot controls
File:EC130 stretcher.png|EC130 cabin configuration (EMS) with stretcher
File:EC130 luggage door back.jpg|EC130 luggage door
File:EC130 Pilot window.jpg|Even the pilotwindow can be opened nowFile:EC130B4Samedan.png|EC130B4 at Samedan/ SwitzerlandFile:Ec130B4 mountains.jpg|EC130B4 flying in the mountainsFile:EC130 pilot controls-B4 F-GOLH Lake Geneva.jpg|F-GOLH landing in Lake Geneva with floats inflatedFile:EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian near ship.jpg|Blue Hawaiian Helicopter near Kalaupapa
'''===Some of the most interesting changes:===* '''Flight Model''' tremendously improved (CoG and agility much more realistic) (fix by HHS)
* '''Mainrotor''' fully animated and adapted to original
* '''Fenestron''' fully designed and animated, incl. control rod
* '''Cockpit Controls''' added: Stick, Collective, Pedals, Co-Pilot Controls (optional)
* '''Compass (magn.)''' added (HHS)
* '''Doors''' movable
* '''Searchlight'''
'''===Configuration Dialogs and Help Screens:'''===
File:EC130 Confignew.jpg|EC130 fully integrated configuration dialog
File:EC130 Help.jpg|EC130 Help screen with all shortcuts and additional info
File:EC130 Config Help 2.jpg|EC130 Config Help with explanation of dependencies
'''Things on stack for == Updates as of FG 3.05 version ==[[File:'''EC130-B4 Maverick.jpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130-B4 of Maverick Helicopters (Grand Canyon) at LOWI]]* FDM correction[[File:EC130- unfortunately important fdmB4 Broward County Sheriff 2.jpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130-values had been changed with bad influence on B4 Broward County Sheriff in flight behaviornear Miami]][[File:EC130-B4 PR-BOP Parana Policia Militar 4. (airfoil, fuselage drag, skid position, CoGjpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130-B4 PR-BOP using the SX-16 Nightsun in Parana/Brazil ]][[File:EC130-B4 Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight 03...)jpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130-B4 of MAC rescue using Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight during flight]]* Rembrandt support[[File:EC130- reB4 PR-enable shaders and bring back light volumes BOP Parana Policia Militar 3.jpg|thumb|240px|right|EC130-B4 PR-BOP view from below]]* adjust strength [[File:EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian at Patscherkofel.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Beautiful Night-Scene with EC130-B4 of the light reflection effect Blue Hawaiian landed at Patscherkofel above Innsbruck (like do328LOWI) . Look at what Rembrandt can do !]]* realistic caution sounds according to POH * add compass, GN430 and GTX328 (only 3d[[File:EC130-model)* BUG fixingB4 wide luggage box-012.jpg|thumb|240px|right|ZS-HOY of Starlite Helicopters with wide luggage boxes seen from above]]
'''FG 3.5''' version of '''EC130 B4''' is the first update after FG 3.0 version and the first one made available in {{fgaddon aircraft source|ec130|text=FGAddon - ec130}} at the new Sourceforge FGAddon SVN repository.
===New Liveries===
* '''N812MH Maverick''' Helicopters (Grand Canyon)
* '''N156BC Sheriff''' Broward County Florida
* '''PR-BOP Parana Police''' Policia Militar, Curitiba (Brazil)
<gallery widths=200px>File:EC130-B4 Broward County Sheriff.jpg|EC130-B4 of Broward County Sheriff (Florida)File:EC130-B4 Maverick LOWI in summer.jpg|EC130-B4 of Maverick Helicopters (Grand Canyon) at LOWI airportFile:EC130-B4 PR-BOP Parana Policia Militar 1.jpg|EC130-B4 PR-BOP of Parana Policia Militar (Brazil)</gallery> ===Enhancements of Model / Equipment=== * '''NEW Searchlight Trakkabeam A800''' (as seen with MAC rescue) fully functional with stow/deploy, color-filters (white,amber,red,IR),...* '''NEW Stabilization for Trakkabeam A800''', i.e. lightbeam direction remains stable in the air despite helicopter motion* '''NEW Searchlight Watch View''', allows to watch searchlight in action, automatically adjusted to selected searchlight* '''NEW Searchlight Follow View''', synced to searchlight direction, automatically adjusted to selected searchlight* '''NEW Strobe Light''' at the rear gear mount (as seen with Maverick, MedFlight,Blue Hawaiian)* '''NEW additional landing lights''' (as seen with MedFlight)* '''NEW wide luggage boxes''' (as seen with Starlite)* '''Searchlights optimized for Rembrandt''' * '''Light-Cone Visibility''' adjustable (off,low,medium,high)* '''Searchlight Portability:''' completely separated from other model parts, easy reuse with other models* '''NEW additional antennas''' of different kinds (as seen with Broward County Sheriff, Parana Police)* '''Fixes:''' handling of startselector guard fixed, rembrandt related fixes, ...  <gallery widths=170px>File:EC130-B4 MAC rescue equipment.jpg|EC130-B4 of MAC rescue with new Trakkabeam A800 searchlightFile:EC130-B4 MAC rescue equipment 2.jpg|EC130-B4 Trakkabeam A800 searchlight in stowed positionFile:EC130-B4 additional lights.jpg|EC130-B4 additonal landing lights and strobeFile:EC130-B4 Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight 04.jpg|Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight deployed and activeFile:EC130-B4 Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight 02.jpg|Attention: never look directly into a searchlight, this may cause severe injuries to the unprotected eye ...File:EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian with Trakkabeam A800.jpg|EC130-B4 of Blue Hawaiian Heli using the A800 Trakkabeam searchlight (with red color filter)File:EC130-B4 wide luggage box-004.jpg|EC130-B4 wide luggage box on right sideFile:EC130-B4 wide luggage box-016.jpg|EC130-B4 wide luggage box on left sideFile:EC130-B4 wide luggage box-007.jpg|EC130-B4 wide luggage box open with animated gas strut</gallery> ===Enhancements of Instruments===* '''NEW Horizon Offset Adjustment (AI)'''* '''NEW Altimeter Pressure adjustable'''* '''Lighting:''' improved INST.1 dimming* '''Rotor Break Lock''' operable* '''Cutoff Lever Guard''' operable  ===Updates of User Interface===* '''Configuration Dialog extended/updated''' new model/operator info, new equipment, antenna setup* '''Simulation Options Dialog extended/updated''' light-cone visibility* '''NEW Operator/Model Info Dialog''' with background info about the operator of the selected livery* '''NEW Antenna Setup Dialog''' for configuration of all possible antenna* '''Help Dialog updated'''* '''NEW Multi-Key Shortcuts''' for Buttons on System Control Unit (SCU), Twist Grip, Start Selector, etc.* '''NEW Tooltips''' for pick animations* '''Pick Animations''' for knobs unified (all knobs use half-cylinders left/right)* '''Shortcuts modified and some new added''' - Alt-o ... Config Dialog (was AltGr-o) - AltGr-o ... Simulation Options (was Alt-o) - Alt-a ... Antenna Setup Dialog (new) - Alt-i ... Operator/Model Info Dialog (new) - Alt-L ... cycle Light-Cone Visibility (new) - AltGr-L ... cycle Slew Rate (new) - Alt-s ... toggle Stabilization (A800)(new) - Shift-S ... toggle/cycle Searchlight Filter (was Alt-s) - Ctrl-s ... reset Searchlight (was Ctrl-k) - Ctrl-p ... pause Searchlight (was Shift-S) - Alt-w ... W/LT TST (Warning Test) (new) - Alt-r ... toggle Rotor Break Lock (new) - AltGr-c ... toggle Cutoff Lever Guard (new) - :A* ... Multi Key Shortcuts (new)  '''New and improved Dialogs''' <gallery>File:EC130 Config updated.jpg|EC130-B4 extended configuration dialogFile:EC130 Operator Info MedFlight.jpg|New info dialog about the Operator of the selected liveryFile:EC130 Antenna Setup.jpg|New Antenna Setup DialogFile:EC130 Options after FG 30.jpg|updated Simulation Options DialogFile:EC130 Help new.jpg|EC130-B4 updated Help Dialog</gallery> <gallery widths=100px>File:EC130_MultiKey_35.jpg|NEW Multi-Key commands (general)File:EC130_MultiKeys_Doors.jpg|NEW Multi-Key commands (doors)</gallery> == Updates as of FG 2016.1 version ==[[CategoryFile:EC130_GC_Gold-015.jpg|thumb|290px|right|]][[File:EC130_GC_Gold-009.jpg|thumb|290px|right|The 50 year anniversary "Golden Copter" EC130 , of Grand Canyon Helicopters, USA]][[File:EC130_GC_Golden_Copter_Formation-046.jpg|thumb|290px|right|"Golden Copter" EC130 , of Grand Canyon Helicopters, USA in a 5 ship formation ready for take-off]][[File:EC130 GC Golden Copter Formation-026.jpg|thumb|290px|right|Five helicopter formation of Grand Canyon Helicopters in flight over Arizona]] In '''FG 2016.1''' release the following improvements are done. If you are interested in the newest features see [ '''Gitlab development repository''']===New Liveries===* '''N836GC Grand Canyon Gold''' 50 years anniversary special ''Golden Copter'' painting === Formation Flight ===* '''NEW: Formation/Wingman Support:''' A fully animated wingman model and several formation scenarios are available. For details look for the '''''Readme_Formations.txt''''' file in AI sub-directory of ec130 aircraft ... and at [[Howto:Add wingmen]] ===General Updates===* '''Non-Rembrandt aircraft-shadow''' improved and ALS compatible* '''Nasal Errors''' handle nil values whereever necessary, hopefully fixes some really irritating bugs ...* '''Tooltips''' improved/fixed* '''Knob Animations:''' many pick animations replaced by knob animations* '''MGPU''' (external power unit) can be removed by mouse click now* '''Panel/Instruments Lighting Controls''' fully functional with day/night selector and dimming* '''Multi Key Shortcuts''' added for panel/instrument lighting controls* '''CWS''' Warning/Cautions next to CWS added, LITE+LIMIT+GYRO+GOV (amber+red) is operational* '''Beep Sound''' whenever a red warning lights up on CWS* '''Taxi Light''' independent of Nav lights* '''Light/Searchlight''' Shortcuts adapted for Taxi Light - L ... toggle Taxi Light - Shift-L ... toggle Landing Light (was L) - AltGr-L ... toggle Searchlight (was Shift-L) - Ctrl-L ... cycle Slew Rate (was AltGr-L) * '''Stretcher Backrest''' adjustable (EMS variants only)* '''EBCAU TEST''' implemented, EBCAU = Emergency Backup Control Ancillary Unit* '''EBCAU Check Tutorial''' implemented* '''ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter''' operational* '''Rotor RPM''' improved variable rotor speed management* '''Floats VNE Warning''' if airspeed exceeds max. speed with inflated floats* '''Crash Fire''' if enough fuel is available at crash time ===Enhancements of Instruments===* '''W/LT TST''' shows ALL warning lights* '''Rotor Break''' disables starter* '''Rotor RPM Indicator''' improved, dim knob added* '''fix cockpit clock''' so it displays sim time* '''VEMD Flight Report''' shows helicopter and turbine hobbs time* '''Instrument Lights''' dimming in NIGHT1/NIGHT2 position * '''EMER SW''' new emergency switch for emergency shutdown <gallery widths=200 heights=140px>Image:EC130_CWS_warnings_on.jpg|EC130 Warning Panel with all onImage:EC130_emerg_sw3.jpg|EC130 improved RPM indicator, RPM dim knob and NEW Emergency SwitchImage:EC130_cockpit_tach_shutdown.jpg|RPM indicator during shutdownImage:EC130_EBCAU_1.jpg|Engine panel with EBCAU TEST button and guard openImage:EC130-B4_stretcher_adjustable.jpg|Stretcher backrest is adjustable now (EMS variant only)Image:EC130 crash fire smoke-021.jpg|If you crash while enough fuel is on board a fire starts ...Image:EC130 crash fire smoke-023.jpg|... which burnes and rumbles until the fuel is gone</gallery> <gallery widths=100px>File:EC130 MultiKey.jpg|NEW Multi-Key commands added (general)File:EC130_Help_36.jpg|updated Help Dialog</gallery> == Updates as of FG 2017.2 version ==[[File:H130 Air Zermatt.png|thumb|290px|right|H130 of Air Zermatt]][[File:H130 BH fgfs-screen-001.png|thumb|290px|right|new Blue Hawaiian H130]][[File:H130 GC fgfs-screen-002.jpg|thumb|290px|right|Grand Canyon Helicopters H130]][[File:H130 MH fgfs-screen-004.png|thumb|290px|right|new Maverick Helicopters H130]]===General Updates===* '''H130 (EC130 T2)''' variant added** engine params** 3D Model** new/changed doors on right side** new bumpmap** liveries split up EC130 B4 and H130** menu/dialogs adjusted** panel instruments modified*** Turn indicator removed*** CWS redesigned*** Horizon (AI) redesigned*** ELT switch moved to panel*** KA51b moved to panel*** Emergency switch removed**'''New panel of H130'''<gallery widths=550 heights=300>File:H130 panel-001.jpg</gallery> * Autostart enabled after 5 flights (previous 15)* Full autostart including external power fetch/remove and Twist-Grip run-up* '''Co-Pilot, Passenger and Patient models''' added** Co-Pilot animated model (like pilot)** Patient follows backrest adjustment** internal views adjusted and limited to human view behaviour** Pilots/Passengers can be seated/removed by click animations** Co-Pilot can fly without Pilot* '''Luggage''' added** visible luggage is added according to weight, ** special stretcher roller added for EMS configuration** can be added/removed by click animation* '''Tooltips'''** Fuel tooltip shows percentage of tank fill** Weight related tooltips (passengers,luggage) show percentage of used MTOW* '''Limit Warnings'''** VNE warning considers altitude, pwr on/off and checks for open doors** New temperature warning if air temperature is outside of range -20°C <-> +50°C** improved limit warnings with more details and two warnings simultaneously possible* '''Multi Player'''** MP behaviour extended and compatibility improved* '''FDM improvements'''** more stable hover behaviour** simulate main rotor downwash on horizontal stabilizers* Use of new fresnel effect in reflection shader ===New Liveries===* '''HB-ZAZ''' Air Zermatt (H130)* '''N836GC''' Grand Canyon Gold, converted to H130* '''N832GC''' Grand Canyon Helicopters, adapted from EC130-B4 model N155GC* '''N11EQ''' Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, adapted from EC130-B4 model N11QC* '''N872MH''' Maverick Helicopters, adapted from EC130-B4 model N812MH <gallery widths=200 heights=140px>File:H130 new air intake and passengers.png|H130 new air intake and passengersFile:H130 people fgfs-screen-019.jpg|View from inside with passengersFile:H130 people fgfs-screen-001.jpg|People seated, click to place/remove themFile:EC130 stretcher-001.png|Stretcher emptyFile:EC130 luggage 1.png|H130 with one piece of luggage loadedFile:EC130 luggage wide full.png|EC130 with wide luggage box and fully packedFile:H130 remove luggage tooltip.jpg|H130 remove luggage tooltipFile:H130 ski luggage.jpg|Left basket with skisFile:H130 ski luggage closed.jpg|Left basket full and closedFile:EC130 EMS equipment.jpg|special stretcher roller as luggage in EMS configurationFile:EC130 EMS equipment with patient.jpg|EMS equipment with patientFile:H130 fuel animation.jpg|"Fuel" animation: refuel the heli by click or mouse-wheel animation</gallery> == Updates in Development Repository (after FG 2017.2) ==After '''FG 2017.2''' release the following improvements were done. If you are interested in the newest features see [ '''Gitlab development repository'''] ===General===* more stable flight behavior, especially in hover situations ===New Liveries===* '''N127LG''' Flight For Life Colorado (H130), operational since May 1st, 2017.The helicopter started operation on May 1st, 2017 and provides transportation to pediatric patients within a 120-mile service area, including Colorado, southwestern Nebraska and southern Wyoming. <gallery widths=300 heights=180px>File:H130 N127LG-002.png|NEW Heli stationed at Centennial Airport Denver (KAPA)File:H130 N127LG LOWI-007.png|H130 of Flight For Life Colorado on Heliport of Innsbruck Hospital</gallery> ===Hot Stuff===<gallery widths=700 heights=380px>File:Hot Stuff with H130 at Stromboli.jpg|Flying with H130 of Blue Hawaiian next to an eruption of Stromboli volcano. (FG 2018)</gallery>{{Eurocopter}}

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