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FGCom (before 3.0)

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Commandline Parameters
-d, -debug, --debug= show debugging information
-S, -voipserver, --voipserver= voip server to connect to (default: 'fgcom1fgcom.parasitstudioflightgear.deorg')
-s, -fgserver, --fgserver= network device to connect to (default: 'localhost')
-p, -port, --port= where we should listen to FG (default: '16661')
Note that /home/hcs/src/fgcom/trunk/src/fgcom starts with a guest account unless you use -U and -P!
Also note that the current server (fgcom.flightgear.co.uk) works with guest account, so '''do not use -U or -P'''
== Server installation ==

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