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Building FlightGear - Debian

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re-adjusting links to FG-git related sites
Have in mind that the data is a relatively large download (GIT more than 7 GB and growing / 2.12 960 MB). So, to save some time, it is a good idea to [[#FlightGear data|fetch]] it while building the sources. <br />
For some basic info on git commands for FlightGear users we have a [[GitGit_for_Laymen#For dummiesHow_do_I_use_the_git_repository_to_update_Flightgear_stuff.3F|git for dummieslaymen]] section. <br />
To have a build with debugging symbols add <code>-D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="RelWithDebInfo"</code> to SimGear's and FlightGear's cmake options.
=== libfltk ===
[http://www.fltk.org/ FLTK] only is required for [[fgadmin]], which is content with libfltk-1.1, and fgrun, which minimum is libfltk-1.3. <br />
<u>Wheezy</u>: Just install package "libfltk1.3-dev" if you're planning to use either of them. <br />
<u>Squeeze</u>: For fgadmin just install package "libfltk1.1-dev". To compile fgrun, too, build and install FLTK-1.3 instead:
<u>GIT</u> only:
For slow/unstable internet connections it is recommended to download the [[GitFlightGear_Git:_data_developers#fgdata.bundleBundle|fgdata.bundle]] instead of cloning the data.<br />
git clone git://mapserver.flightgear.org/fgdata data

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