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FlightGear Git

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git pull:
git branch my-branch.20110205 my-branch
=== Keeping topic branches in sync with upstream ===
Any time someone pushes a change to the gitorious repository here is the approximate procedure to update my local clones/branches (this is the git
replacement for the old cvs update command):
cd "primary-fgdata"
git pull
<error> - oops I have a branch checked out currently
git checkout master
<error> - oops commit any changes in the current branch
- git diff
- git commit
git checkout master (try again, it works)
git pull (now it works)
git checkout "primary-branch"
git merge master (to sync the upstream changes with my own "wip" branch)
But this is just in the main fgdata clone, Now cd over to my --local branch clone.
cd "../fgdata-clone"
git pull (merge upstream changes from my local master repository that have
been merged into the master branch in the previous step.)
git diff (see what I changed locally)
git commit (commit my local changes)
git push (push these changes back into the primary branch in my original
clone of the gitoriious repository)
<error> - oops I have the branch checked out in my primary local repository
- cd "../fgdata-primary"
- git checkout master
- cd ../fgdata-clone"
git push (now it works!)
Woohoo, everything should now be consistent and in sync and all the upstream changes should be fully merged.
=== Tracking a release branch ===

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