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Eurocopter EC135

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Download link
* <strike>new 3d-model more accurate and detailed, single-livery-texture-file</strike> DONE!
* <strike>latest shader (bumpspec-reflection and glasshader)</strike> DONE!
* new, much more accurate fdm matching 90% of Pilot Operations Handbook values AEO, OEI and Airspeed NEXT TASK: NEEDS FINE TUNING (behavior with SAS/rotor behaviour)
* <strike>more different configurations possible- lowskid, midskid and highskid, different sandfilter, different radomes etc...</strike> DONE!
* different selectable interiors influencing weight HEMS modelled, VIP and Utility(Police) following LATE SPRING/ EARLY SUMMER
* seperate AI model to keep mp-users happy NEXT TASK: SOMEWHERE IN 2013
* and more to come....
* after that:
- Digital Panel
- conversion to EC 635 (needs some changes on exterior and interior model)
== Livery List==
===Download link===
'''just for preview and only working with latest FGFS 2.11.0 04/01/2013:'''
Download link -just for preview[https* after that: - Digital Panel //gitorious.org/ec135/mainline/archive- conversion to EC 635 (needs some changes tarball/EC135P2 E135 P2 on exterior and interior model)Gitorious.org]
=== Actual versionin Fgdata: v.0.5 (FGFS 2.6.0 release) ===
* photorealistic panel

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