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FlightGear Newsletter December 2012

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==== FGUK's Saturday Night Flights ====
''A work in progress''
[[File:FGUK-3rdNov12.jpg|270px|thumb|FGUK discovers there is nothing half so much worth doing than messing about in (flying) boats]]
[ FGUK] rounded off November with four more memorable outings, forsaking the bleak winter scenery of the United Kingdom for the warmer climes of South and Pacific America before returning to the Lake District for some low flying exercises within easy flying distance of our home base of Llanbedr (EGOD).
We started the month by leaving the fast jets snug in their hangars and paddling out to board seaplanes and flying boats dating from the classic age of intercontinental flight to modern day transport and fire-fighting aircraft. The additional challenge of beginning our flight from Lake Titicaca, 12000 feet up on the Andean Altiplano, set regular FGUK fliers practicing hard during the preceding week, with some of the older aircraft requiring skill and patience to even start their engines, and all pilots adjusting to the unusual and slightly tricky experience of taking off at altitude.
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