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FlightGear Newsletter September 2012

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=== Usability Improvements ===
[[File:Nasal-console-3.0.png|thumb|The Nasal console in FG 3.0 with copy/paste buttons ]]
There have been a number of improvements made to the GUI this month, all aiming to improve usability.
==== Nasal Console ====
The built-in [[Nasal Console]] has been updated to also add native copy/paste support, a feature that got implemented as part of the ongoing [[Canvas]] effort (see [[Howto:Clipboard access using Nasal]] for details ). This feature makes it now possible to easily copy/paste snippets of code FlightGear, without having to use the "dump" feature.
 ==== About Dialog ==== [[File:NasalAbout-consoledlg-3.0.png|500pxthumb|The Nasal console about dialog in FG 3.0 with copy/paste buttons extended graphics information ]]
In addition, the "about" dialog has also been slightly updated so that it now shows a handful of OpenGL-related parameters, this info should make it easier for people to provide useful issue reports, especially related to their system's graphics support. For this very purpose, the dialog box has now also support for copying this info to the clipboard or simply take a screen shot that users can post on the forums.
==== Select Airport ==== [[File:About-dlg-3Select_Airport_dialog.0.pngjpg|350pxthumb|The about new Select Airport dialog in FG 3.0 with extended graphics information Canvas display of the airport ]] The Select Airport and Position on Ground dialogs have been combined. The combined dialog displays the lon/lat/alt of the selected airport, and also uses [[Canvas]] to display an airport diagram.
=== Forum digest ===

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