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Dassault Mirage F1 checklist

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* Radar'''TR''' ''tested''
* Radio-altimeter '''ON''' ''tested, altitude selected''
* Jettison buttons ''unguarded (if carrying stores)''
* Emergency regulation light ''out''
* Stopped on a reference axis (or after line-up) ''transfer of selected heading if transfer gyro has not been used
==== After line-up ====
* Headings ''checked
* Canoy '' closed and locked'' '''CAB.P''' ''light out''
* Harness ''adjust and locked
* Slats and flaps ''as required''
* Failure warning panel lights ''out
* Fuel transfer indicator lights ''out (check made with some power)
* Probe heat switch ''ON'' PITOT goes out
* Flight controls ''free''
* Takeoff power ''set''
* Flight controls ''free''
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