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Munich Airport

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{{infobox Airport
|name = Flughafen München - Franz Josef Strauß|image =E195APPEDDM26LEDDM panorama.pngjpg|alt = 448m1,487 ft / 453 m|iata =MUC|icao =EDDM|type =Public|city =Munich|owner = Flughafen München GmbH|website =http://www.munich-airport.com/|runway = 26R/08L|length = 4000 m |material = Concrete|runway2 = 26L/08R|length2 = 4000 m |material2= Concrete }}[[File:E170TakeOffEDDM.png|thumb|270px|Embraer E170 taking off from EDDM 26R facing west.]]
 === Description ='''Munich Airport- Franz Josef Strauß''' ==  The '''Flughafen München''' is also known as '''Flughafen München - Franz Josef Strauß''' and is the international [[airport ]] that serves the city of Munich. It is located 28 km northeast of downtown München, and popular by regional airlines.'''Franz Josef Strauß''' (1915-1988) was a Bavarian politician (CSU) and hobby-pilot.He was also member of the Airbus supervising board and the "father" of the [[A340]].The A340 prototype, called "Franz Josef Strauß", was the first aircraft taking off the new Munich Airport in 1992.
== Runways ==
EDDM has 2 two runways. The runways are positioned approximately parallel (83°82°/263°262°).The distance between both runways is 2300m, the runways are 1500m put, this allows independent operation of each. A thrid third runway is planned in the north of the airport, which is like the other two 4000m long and 60m wide.Currently, this project stopped by people decission in Munich on the 17.06.2012.
== ILS ==
08L : 110.3 : 83.4°
08R : 110In "The Manual" you can read how to perform an [[ILS]]-Landing.9 : 83.39°
26R : 108.7 : 263.39°Use the listed values, when you want to land at EDDM
26L {| class="wikitable" style="width: 50%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="2"|+ EDDM-ILS!'''RWY''' !!'''FREQ''' !!'''HDG''' !!'''GS''' !!'''CAT'''|-|08L ||110.3||82°||3.00°||CAT-IIIb|-|08R ||110.9||82°||3.00°||CAT-IIIb|-|26L ||108.3 : 263||262°||3.00°||CAT-IIIb|-|26R ||108.7||262°||3.00°||CAT-IIIb|}
== Terminals ==
EDDM has 2 terminals, called : Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. '''Terminal 1 ''' is a 1081m long building, which is splitted in 5 parts . In the near of Terminal 2, there is an extern building called Terminal 1 F '''NOTICE: ALL PARKING POSITIONS ARE COMING WITH THE NEWEST TERRASYNC UPDATE''' {| class="wikitable" style="width:50%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="2"|+ EDDM-Terminal 1!'''Part''' !!'''Airlines''' !!'''Parking-Positions''' !!'''Notices'''|-|A (||Air Berlin and Partners), partners||101-105|||-|B ||British Airlines, Condor,Delta,Iberia...||107-110|||-|C (The "Arabian Gateway":||Emirates([[A380]]),Etihad), Aeroflot,Polet,Rossyia...||111-113|||-|D+E (Skyteam: ||Air France, KLM,Delta).Alitalia and other Skyteam||115-121||only DepartureIn the near of Terminal 2, there is an extern building called Terminal 1 |-|E ||Skyteam||115-121||only Arrival|-|F for flights to israel||Lufthansa, which is operated by El Al,Akria, Sun d'Or||Other positions at Field West||Flights to Israel, ArkiaExtern Building|-|Other positions||All Airlines||131-197||Field positions, TuiFly and Lufthansa.some with satellite-jetways|} '''Terminal 2 ''' was opened in 2003 and is operated by the Lufthansa and Star Alliance.The building on the field east become in the near future a satelite satellite terminal for T2. {| class="wikitable" style="width:50%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="2"|+ EDDM-Terminal 2!'''Part''' !!'''Airlines''' !!'''Parking-Positions'''!!Notices |-|T2-Building ||Star Alliance+Qatar Airways||201-231|||-|Satellite (future)||Star Alliance||243-256;305-317|||-|Regional Aircraft||Lufthansa Cityline, Augsburg Airways,Air Dolomiti...||261,262,321-339|||} {| class="wikitable" style="width:50%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="2"|+ EDDM-Special positions!'''Part''' !!'''Airlines''' !!'''Parking-Positions'''!!Notices |-|CARGO ||Lufthansa Cargo,Polet,Global Supply Systems, TNT, DHL, FedEX||901-907|||-|Apron 6+7+8||Special Guests||601-805|||} [[File:MIA0283-KL666@eddm.png|thumb|540px|A320-NEO (Merlion) and B777-200 (KLM) at T2.]]  [[Category:Airports in Germany]]

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