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Dual control

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* [[Boeing 747-400]], pilot flying and pilot monitoring (<tt>747-400</tt>, <tt>747-400-fo</tt>). Available in FlightGear/Git.
* c172p Skyhawk, pilot and copilot (<tt>c172p-pilot</tt> and <tt>c172p-copilot</tt>). Based on David Megginson's [[Cessna C172|c172p]] single control aircraft. Available from [http://www.gidenstam.org/FlightGear/DualControl/Aircraft the dual-control aircraft hangar]. The tar.gz archive for the aircraft should be extracted in $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/.
* [[fr/Douglas DC-3-C47]], pilot and copilot and passenger 1 to 4 (<tt>dc-3</tt>, <tt>dc-3-copilot</tt>, <tt>dc-3-psg1</tt>, <tt>dc-3-psg2</tt>, <tt>dc-3-psg3</tt>, <tt>dc-3-psg4</tt>). Available in GIT.
* [[Grumman F-14 Tomcat]], pilot and RIO (<tt>f-14b</tt>, <tt>f-14b-bs</tt>). Available in FlightGear 2.0.0 or later.
* [[Hughes OH-6 Cayuse]], pilot and co-pilot (<tt>OH-6</tt>, <tt>OH-6-cp</tt>). Available on [[Hughes OH-6 Cayuse|the wiki page]].

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