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MBB Bo 105

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New Texture: horacios
== New Texture Nice textures for the interior ==[I don't know where else to put this, so I added it Horacio has made a very nice new texture for the interior of the Bo 105. Get them here: “[ Versión de prueba del BO-105]
There is an inconsistency in the texture mapping data of the model, the object"fuselage" has overlapping coordinates with the rest of the model, but uses thesame texture. The following file fixes that, and also adds a new "livery.rgb"with fake GI, which looks much nicer than the untextured current version:[[Filehttp:bo105_update//www.taryoutube.gz]] com/watch?v=0ASyBX1i4sM Here is you can view a screenshot using that texture: [[File:bo105_texturedvideo] of the improved heli.jpg|270px]]
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