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=== Creating your own ===
It's very easy to make your own designs. Just copy one of the files that you find in <tt>data[[$FG_ROOT]]/gui/styles</tt> and change it to your needs.Then, edit the follwing code in the <tt>data[[$FG_ROOT]]/preferences.xml</tt> file to fit your style. You could simply add a line like <tt><style n="0" include="gui/styles/anthrax.xml"/></tt>. The current-style tag specifies the style that should be used when FlightGear loads.
<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">
<current-style type="int" userarchive="y">1</current-style>
<devel-widgets type="bool" userarchive="y">false</devel-widgets>
== Add items ==
=== Aircraft dependent items ===
To add a menu for a specific plane only you have to enhance the planes <tt>-set.xml </tt> file. Add the follow lines (example for the [[Livery over MP|livery selection dialog]] in a [[Boeing 787]]), or any item that you want to show, above the </sim> tag. You can add as many items and menus as you like, but keep the menubar as small as possible, the larger the outside view will be.
<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">
* '''menu n="10":''' creates an extra menu item, at the end of the menubar.

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