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FlightGear Newsletter July 2011

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Suggested flights
== Suggested flights ==
The west coast of Scotland offers some stunning scenery and a number of small airfields and airports to land at on both the mainland and the small islands the dot the coast. The distances between the various airfields are quite small, and some of the runways are on the short side, so STOL or GA aircraft are ideal. The tour suggested here follows part of a microlight trip I made this month, photos of which can be found [ here].
Oban airport (EGEO) lies on the west coast of Scotland, and offers fuel (both AVGAS and AVTUR) and a North/South tarmac runway.
From Oban it is just a 10 minute flight west to the grass airfield of Glenforsa (EG45), on the north-east coast of the island of Mull. Due to the hills and water channel, this airfield often gets quite strange wind patterns - the weather can be perfect in Oban, but much gustier and windier at Glenforsa. At times the windsocks at either end of the runway can blow in completely opposite directions!
Some distance north of Oban lie the airfields of the Isle of Skye (EG57) and Plockton (EG81). This is an excellent place from which to explore the mountains of the Isle of Skye, known as the Cuilins.
Heading south from Oban, one can follow the coast to the island of Jura, with it's distinctive hills (The Paps of Jura). From Jura one can head south to the island of Islay with its numarous malt whisky distilleries (many of which are modelled in FG). Islay Airport (EGPI) has extensive runways. From Islay head north east to the tiny island of Gigha. Despite it's small size, it too has an airfield (EG44), though the FG version is tarmac rather than grass.
From Gigha head east over the Mull of Kintyre, to the hilly isle of Arran, then north east to the Isle of Bute. Both islands have very small grass airstrips, which are sadly not present in FG. From Bute you can head south east to Prestwick International (EGPK), famous for being the only place Elvis touched down in the UK, and a fine place to end our tour.
== Aircraft reviews ==

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