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FlightGear Newsletter June 2011

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FlightGear on youtube
== Community news ==
=== FlightGear on youtube ===
The channel flightgearUK has been set up on YouTube by Liam, and will soon feature tutorials, video reviews and promotional videos of high quality to show the latest and best features in FlightGear.. It is hard currently to find any high quality videos of FlightGear (with the exception of Oscar and Skyop 's channels of course), especially with the most modern of features, crisp of graphics and based primarily on Civil aviation- especially in comparison which other mainstream Flight Sim users seem to some of the videos by other flight Simsdo well, so it is a personal ambition of mine of the channel to greatly improve the popularity of the sim through mixed various media, including Audio Reviews, Git update insights, Tutorials, etc. You can see Check out the very first of the videos right here: channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbpWC5EGv8 Unfortunately recorders for mac are very limited, but I hope to get the framerate up from that first (test) video. Reviews in particular, are yet to be done on youtube for FlightGear- and will be recorded in my own voice ;)user/flightgearuk.
=== New tutorials and screencasts ===

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