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FlightGear Newsletter May 2011

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In the hangar
== FlightGear addons and mods ==
== In the hangar ==
=== Rating System ===
After a series of discussions on the -dev list and IRC, a simple rating system has been implemented. Based upon objective scoring of 4 criteria (FDM, Systems, Cockpit and External Model), the aim is to provide a straightforward way for aircraft developers to "rate" their aircraft in the aircraft-set.xml file, and provide an accurate "status" tag.
Aircraft developers are strongly encouraged to take the 5 minutes it will take to rate their aircraft. Hopefully enough developers will rate their aircraft in time for the upcoming release so that the 2.4.0 download page can be filtered in rating, allowing new (and old!) users to identify the hidden gems.
Details can be found on the wiki here: [[Formalizing_Aircraft_Status]].
=== New aircraft ===

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