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Airbus A320 Family

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startup procedures kindly provided by Skyop
The '''Airbus A320 Family''' is a series of narrow-body commercial passenger jets manufactured by [[Airbus|Airbus Industries]]. Designed for short to medium hauls, the aircraft pioneer fly-by-wire technology and regularly compete with the [[Boeing 737|Boeing 737 series]]. The series includes the Airbus A318, the A319, the A320, and the A321. The [[Airbus A320E|"A320 Enhanced" program]] aims to further improve the A320 family with longer range and better fuel economy.
== Variants ==
* <tt>A318-111</tt>: Airbus A318-111 with CFM56 engines
* <tt>A319-111</tt>: Airbus A319-111 with CFM56 engines
* <tt>A230-231</tt>: Airbus A320-231 with IAE V2500 engines
* <tt>A321-211</tt>: Airbus A321-211 with CFM56 engines
* <Tttt>A321-231</tt>: Airbus A321-231 with IAE V2500 engines
= Development status =Startup procedures ==''This applies to all the A320 models''1. Start the APU. APU starter ON and APU master switch ON.2. APU electric generator ON.3. Engine start knob START.4. (Wait a couple seconds...) Engine cutoff switches RUN.5. Engine 1 and engine 2 electric generators ON. APU electric generator OFF.6. APU starter and master switch off. Engine start knob OFF.
== Development status == === Completed ===
* Base model(s)
* Animations
* [[Howto: Animated jetways|Animated jetway]] definitions
=== To-do ===
* Fly-by-wire system
* Animate slats
== Related content ==
* [[Aircraft]]
* [[Aircraft Todo]]

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