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FlightGear Newsletter April 2011

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''We would like to emphasize that the monthly newsletter can not live without the contributions of FlightGear users and developers. Everyone with a wiki account (free to register) can edit the newsletter and every contribution is welcome. So if you know about any FlightGear related projects such as for example updated scenery or aircraft, please do feel invited to add such news to the newsletter.''
Welcome to the April edition of FlightGear's monthly newsletter! It's been a month full of exciting developments, ranging from a massive Russian spacecraft, to a little American instrument. In between you'll find Japanese and Belgium airports and a German helicopter. That is what I call a true international project!
There's simply too much going on in the active FlightGear world to name each single development here, so you'd better scroll down and start reading ;)
== Development news ==
The shader is not production ready; it has some bugs and terrain (especially fog at horizon) does not match the looks of the skydome. This is a work in process, but might take some time, because the terrain shader is much harder than the skydome shader.
== Nasal for newbies ==== New software tools Meanwhile the shader is available in [[Git]], and projects ==the various adjustable parameters are accessible in the Gui under <tt>View > Rendering Options > Experimental Effects</tt>.
== New software tools and projects ==
=== LinuxTrack headtracking software ===
[ LinuxTrack] is an open source project that allows Linux and Mac users to use head tracking. It aims to support webcams, wiimote and TrackIR 4/5 for this purpose. Features include:
* Output data can be used locally or sent to network
Recently a FlightGear support was added. At this time it was tested to work with FlightGear versions 1.9.1, 2.0 and from GIT. Instructions on how to run LinuxTrack with FlightGear are available in the README.ltr_pipe file located in the "doc" directory of the project's source tree. Source code is available from svn repository:
<pre> svn checkout linux-track-read-only</pre>
Project's home page:
== FlightGear addons and mods ==
== In the hangar ==
=== New instruments ===
Unfortunately, the terrain display has several drawbacks. It is very pixelated because [[FlightGear]] cannot handle very many [[Nasal#geodinfo.28.29|terrain elevation calculations]] at once. Therefore, the map has the ability to display "low-resolution" terrain mode (minimal FPS impact) and "high-resolution" terrain mode (severe FPS impact).
==== Generic Boeing 777 chronometer ====
The [[Boeing 777-200ER]]'s chronometer has been moved to the generic instruments directory (<tt>Aircraft/Instruments-3d/chronometer</tt>). This allows aircraft developers to easily implement this clock in their aircraft. All related Nasal code was included in the model xml file, so there's really just one file to be linked to! Some aircraft already make use of this clock, including the [[Boeing 747-400]] and [[Boeing 757-200|757-200]].
=== New aircraft ===
==== Vostok-1 ===={| class="prettytable"|[[Image:Vostok-1-Carrier-News.png|thumb|Vostok-1 Carrier200px]]|[[Image:Vostok-1-News.png|thumb|Vostok-1 Spacecraft200px]]|[[Image:Vostok-1-Interior-News.png|thumb200px]]|-|Vostok-1 Carrier|Vostok-1 Spacecraft|Vostok-1 Interior]]|} 
To celebrate Yury Gagarin's historical flight, [[Vostok-1]] carrier and spacecraft were added to FlightGear. In heavy development still, it already allows full orbital flight from lift-off to landing, making it perform the first spaceflight in FlightGear.
Authors and developers, since orbital flight is possible in FlightGear from now on, you are invited to make a FlightGear driven Mercury-Atlas project. Low earth orbit flights can be more exact and eyecandy in FlightGear than in any current simulator. And you can be sure it will be free for you and users in any case.
=== BK 117 is progressing nicely ===
[[Image:Bk117cockpitdev.jpg|thumb|BK 117 cockpit in developement (Blender)]]
==== BK 117 is progressing nicely ====
While work on the fdm is mostly finished and only small things on the exterior model have to be done, work on the cockpit of the
[[BK 117]] has begun and is making good progress. The cockpit will be detailed and make use of photorealistic textures and as
The images for the textures are taken by the former user and developer heliflyer, who was an emergency doctor on [[Bo105]], BK117 and EC135 in Northern Germany.
=== Doctor Who TARDIS ===[[Image:Tardis colour.png|thumb|left|Doctor Who TARDIS]]==== Doctor Who TARDIS ====
Vinura has started work on developing a [ Doctor Who TARDIS] for FlightGear. The exterior model is almost complete in SketchUp. Click [ here] for the development thread.
=== Updated aircraft ===
==== ATR 72-500 ====
[[File:ATR_72-500-cockpit.jpg|thumb|The 3d cockpit of the ATR 72.]]
[[File:Meteor_Cockpit.png|thumb|A view of the cockpit as of April 30th]]
==== ATR 72-500 ====
After a long five months, [[User:Skyop|Skyop]] has completed the [[ATR 72-500]], which finally features a complete cockpit and aircraft systems. Highlights include an advanced autopilot, hydraulics system, tiller steering system, an interior cabin, and new documentation. The aircraft has been committed to [[FlightGear and Git|Git]] and will hopefully be available in the next release of FlightGear. It is now one of the most advanced turboprops for FlightGear, right behind the [[B1900d]].
==== Airbus A340-600 ====Rumour has it that our [[Airbus A340-600 ]] is now completely different... Users will get to see it in next months newsletter. ==== Gloster Meteor F.3 ====As per a suggestion from Gooneybird, [[User:Armchair Ace|Armchair Ace]] has extensively developed the Gloster Meteor F.3's cockpit. At the same time, Jentron has started work on a highly detailed JSBsim FDM, using tools such as DATCOM.
=== Liveries ===
=== New generic buildings ===
This month, 13 new generic buildings have been modeled and textured with day and night textures.
This month, 13 new generic buildings have been modeled and textured with a day and night image[[File:13_generic_buildings_noon. jpg|400px]] [[File:13_generic_buildings_dawn.jpg|400px]]
[[File:13_generic_buildings_noonClick on the images to enlarge.jpg|400px]]
Click on the image The purpose is to enlargeuse them as placeholders in your big city. They are simple, light and lot's of different colors are available, which i hope, fit your needs. These buildings are actually used at Brussels, near the EBBR airport (north-west) which is currently under heavy development, as you can read [[FlightGear_Newsletter_April_2011#Brussel_airports_project|elsewhere in this newsletter]].
[[File:13_generic_buildings_dawn.jpg|400px]] The purpose is to use them as placeholders in your big city. They are simple, light and lot's of different colors are available, which i hope, fit your needs. These buildings are actually used at Brussels, near the EBBR airport (north-west) which is currently under heavy development.  You can get these new generic buildings if you use the git FlightGear Git version or terrasync[[TerraSync]].
=== Airports ===
Details of development and future updates can be followed on the [ topic] specially created on [ forum]. The airport models and terrain will be available in a few days for to be downloaded in [ Horacio's hangar], and later available on FG model database.
=== Brussel airports project ===
[[Image:Brussels.jpg|thumb|270px|Donwtown Brussel]]''It's all work in progress, and not yet available in the official FlightGear scenery (nor TerraSync). But of course, it's licensed under GNU GPL v2 and its goal is to be included into the official scenery, or at least stay GPL'ed. If you are curious you can look at the work in progress which is [https://{{|dvanmosselbeen/|flightgear-custom-scenery |text=available through Git]}}''
Due to its proximity, the EBBR project includes not only EBBR itself, but also the neighbouring Grimbergen (EBGB), Brussels South (EBCI) and some little stuff here and there around Brussels. As we should recognize, Belgium isn't that big however, EBBR is a big, well organized, high-traffic airport and also a key airport in Europe. The EBBR is a simple, but efficient airport with lots of other little cool-to-visit airfields around there. It could be a nice place for some touristic trips with a little aircraft.
There is also a hidden bonus at [https://{{|papillon81/|flightgear-custom-scenery/ |text=papillon81's git repo]}}: improved terrain including OSM data. This is really a must have! It includes the highways, rivers and much more accurate elevation and urban data. It just improves the overall graphics and makes the area look simply amazing!
Howto get this terrain? Copy at least the <tt>Terrain/e000n50/e004n50</tt> tree from papillon81's repo into the tree of the EBBR project. That's it!
Have fun and see you soon hanging around EBBR
<gallery>[[Image:EBBR_overview_01.jpg|200px]][[Image:EBBR_overview_02.jpg|200px]][[Image:EBBR_cargo.jpg|200px]]Image:Brussels.jpg[[Image:EBCI.jpg|200px]] [[Image:EBGB_01.jpg|200px]][[Image:EBGB_02.jpg|200px]][[Image:F16_landing_on_EBBR.jpg</gallery>|200px]]
== Screenshot of the month ==
== Suggested flights ==
Departing from Brisbane International Airport and heading towards Sydney International Airport at a heading of about 203, you will come across some beautiful scenery.
== Aircraft reviews ==
=== '''''The Good old Cessna Citation X''''' ===
[[Image:Cessna Citation X - Screenshot 2.png|thumb|270px]]
I hope to do a monthly review of a specific aircraft. I can't guarantee that I will get to do it every month though because I do have other stuff to attend to.
It has a tutorial system built in for people wanting to fly one. '''''This was the first jet plane that I could actually land properly in.''''' It also has several nice camera views, including views from the passenger seats.
<gallery>[[Image:Cessna Citation X Cockpit.png|200px]][[Image:Cessna Citation X Passenger View 1.png|200px]][[Image:Cessna Citation X Passenger View 2.pngImage:Cessna Citation X - Screenshot 2.png</gallery>|200px]]
* [ Mayday 1 Forum Pages]
== Useful links ==
== And finally ... ==
=== Contributing ===

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