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Sydney International Airport

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'''Sydney (Kingsford Smith) International Airport''' also known as '''Kingsford-Smith Airport''' and '''Sydney Airport''', is the international and domestic airport serving the city of Sydney. It is one of the oldest continually operated airports in the world, and the busiest airport in Australia, handling 33.4 million passengers and 289,741 aircraft movements in 2009. It was the 28th busiest airport in the world in 2009. The airport is located in an urban residential area approximately 8km from the central business district. Sydney en-route airspace is under the control of Melbourne FIR, and just to the north is under en-route control of Brisbane FIR.
YSSY has 3 runways, the longer main north-south 16R/34L intersected by an east-west 07/25, and a parallel 'third' runway 16L/34R was constructed in 1992. Both parallel runways (16/34) use reclaimed land and extend out into Botany Bay.
Simultaneous parallel operations occur on 16L/34R and 16R/34L during most of the day. Since 1995 there has been a curfew after 23:00 (01:00 UTC) until 06:00 (19:00 UTC) for landings and departures to reduce noise over the residential areas. There is a shoulder period for 1 hour that flights may approach or depart over the bay only.
===Runway 16R/34L===
Runway 16R/34L is the airports longest runway at 3 962 metres long. Both 16R and 34L provide [[Instrument Landing System]] localiser and glide-slope.
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===Runway 07/25===Runway 07/25 is 2 530 metres long. [[Instrument Landing System]] is available for both runway 07 and runway 25.
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===Runway 16L/34R===Runway 16L/34R is 2 438 metres long. [[Instrument Landing System]] is available for both runway 16L and runway 34R.
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==Airport Layout==
International flights depart from Terminal 1 in the North West quadrant of the airport, domestic flights depart Terminal 2 and 3 from the North Eastern quadrant, there is a heliport to the south of runway 25.
There are currently 42 stands for international and freight operations and 51 stands for domestic and regional operations.
Basic models of the international terminal can be found at [http://www.mediafire.com/?r723j9pwkddya www.mediafire.com].
==External links==
* http://www.airservices.gov.au/brief/html.asp?/cgi-bin/avreq?met=YSSY Airservices Australia Terminal Area Forecast and METAR
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YSSY] Wikipedia Article

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