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Dual control

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* [[Boeing 747-400]], pilot flying and pilot monitoring (<tt>747-400</tt>, <tt>747-400-fo</tt>). Available in FlightGear/Git.
* c172p Skyhawk, pilot and copilot (<tt>c172p-pilot</tt> and <tt>c172p-copilot</tt>). Based on David Megginson's [[Cessna C172|c172p]] single control aircraft. Available from [http://www.gidenstam.org/FlightGear/DualControl/Aircraft the dual-control aircraft hangar]. The tar.gz archive for the aircraft should be extracted in $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/.
* [[Grumman F-14 Tomcat]], pilot and RIO (<tt>f-14b</tt>, <tt>f-14b-bs</tt>). Available in FlightGear 2.0.0 or later.
* [[Hughes OH-6 Cayuse]], pilot and co-pilot (<tt>OH-6</tt>, <tt>OH-6-cp</tt>). Available on [[Hughes OH-6 Cayuse|the wiki page]].
* [[ASK-13 sailplane|Schleicher ASK-13 glider]], pilot and passenger (<tt>ask13</tt>, <tt>ask13-passenger</tt>). Available in FlightGear/Git.
* [[Submarine_Scout]], pilot and observer (<tt>Submarine_Scout</tt>, <tt>Submarine_Scout-observer</tt>). Available in FlightGear/Git1.9.0 or later.* [[Storch|Fieseler Fi 156 Storch]], pilot and passenger (<tt>Fi-156-de</tt>, <tt>Fi-156-passenger</tt>). Available in FlightGear/Git2.0.0 or later.* [[Zeppelin NT]], pilot and copilot (<tt>ZLT-NT</tt>, <tt>ZLT-NT-copilot</tt>). Available in FlightGear 1.9.0 and or later.
To connect the pilot and copilot selects each other in the Copilot dialog (FlightGear 2.0.0 or later) or set properties as explained in the usage instructions below.

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