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Building FlightGear - Debian

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==== OpenSceneGraph ====
<u>2.0.0:</u>The official OSG version used with FG2.0.0 is '''OSG 2.8.3''' (OSG stable release). <u>2.2.0only:</u>The official OSG version used with FG2.2.0 is '''OSG 2.9.9''' (OSG development release). However, you can also use OSG 2.8.3 (latest stable OSG release) - or any version in between. OSG versions including 2.9.11 and above are known to be '''incompatible''' with FG2.2.0. 
cd $srcdir
svn checkout co -r 12072 trunk OpenSceneGraph
<u>GITonly:</u>The best OSG version to be used with FG GIT changes over time. Generally Mostly the latest official stable OSG release revision from OpenSceneGraph svn does suit. However, sometimes this does not work and/or developer release is recommendedas a fallback one can go backwards through the revisions.<BR>At the moment (February 2011), itthis is the case. 's recommended to use ''Highest reported working revision is 12072''', checkout the source as shown above at ''OSG 2.92.9'0 only'' with FG GIT.
cd $srcdir
svn checkout OpenSceneGraph If you're interested in OSG-related development, you can also try the lastest OSG trunk.However, sometimes this does not work since the OSG trunk changes (daily/hourly...) and it may take a while until the FlightGear sources have adapted. At the moment (February 2011) the latest OSG SVN trunk does ''not'' compile with FlightGear.The highest reported working revision of OSG SVN is '''rev 12072''', so you could cd $srcdir svn co -r 12072 OpenSceneGraph
<u>2.2.0 and GIT:</u>
cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release" -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH="$prefix" $srcdir/OpenSceneGraph
make install
=== FlightGear and Components ===

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