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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15

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MiG-15bis (JSBSim FDM)
Firstly, this mid-50's fighter doesn't have many switches, but without switching them correctly You would not even take off. If forgotten gears stuck or can even be teared apart on high speeds really than You get that here too. If You can overheat engine or cutoff it by low throttle then here is the same. But You can be sure that if You can flight that thing in simulation then You would flight real plane, at least if it is ready-to-go.
Secondly, it is a jet, but not a no modern supersonic fighter with reheated engine. On At subsonic speeds it starts to act odd oddly in reality. Same on as well as in simulation.
Thirdly, if You can extract gears of real MiG by emergency procedure that includes lever, handles, and valve, then same is here. Again, there aren't so many switches as in modern airliner. But every switch behaves as it does in reality.

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