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GDT Hornet (autogyro)

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Switched to the GDT Hornet (autogyro)/info documentation page for the aircraft infobox by transcluding {{:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}, updating to the current information in FGAddon.
{{infobox Aircraft:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}|image =Hornet.jpg|name =GDT Hornet|type Aircraft help =Autogyro|authors =Emmanuel Baranger(3D), Maik Justus(FDM)|fdm =YASim|status =beta|fgname = <tt>hornet-yasim</tt>Startup ===# Accelerate the rotor by hand {{key press|ratingfdm =3n}}# Set magneto switch to both {{key press|ratingexterior =3} }}# Start engine {{key press|ratingcockpit =1s}}# Release parking-brake {{key press|ratingsounds =3B}}# Full power# Wait for the rotor to reach sufficient rpm (~300)#* The rotor accelerates faster if you pull the stick)
==Aircraft help=====Startup===#Accelerate the rotor by hand (<tt>n</tt>-key)#Set magneto switch to both (<tt>}</tt>-Key)#Start engine (Space-Key)#Release parking-brake (<tt>B</tt>-key)#Full power#Wait for the rotor to reach sufficient rpm (~300)#*The rotor accelerates faster if you pull the stick) ==External linkslink ==*[http://www.gdt-systems.com/body.asp GDT Systems: Hornet Autogyro] [[Category:Aircraft]][[Category:Helicopters]]

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