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FlightGear Newsletter June 2010

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Development news: linking to Hudson based CI server article
==Development news==
===Server wanted: Continuous Integration for FlightGear ===
The FlightGear project has started using a build server for continuous integration purposes and automating software builds, the [http://hudson-ci.org/ Hudson] based build server is currently running on a home box as a prototype. The server will need a proper home if it moves beyond the prototype stage. If anyone wishes to volunteer a proper server (with a reasonably symmetric connection) to run Hudson, please get in touch - any Unix will do, for Ubuntu/Debian there's an easy apt.get source available. All the setup can be done remotely, given SSH access. The disk, memory, CPU and bandwidth requirements are pretty moderate, due to our low commit rate. For additional details, please see [[FlightGear Build Server]].
===SquawkGear: Bringing VATSIM to FlightGear!===
{{Main article|SquawkGear}}
* Exceeding aircraft limitations (excess g-forces, overspeed) adds damage to your aircraft and finally leads to shutdown/crash
* Shootable/bombable moving AI tanks, jeeps, ships, and aircraft that catch fire, burn, explode, sink, crash, etc.
* AI scenarios that allow you to use FlightGear aircraft for air-to-ground, air-to-sea, and air-to-air combat missions against these targets
==In the hangar==

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