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Building FlightGear

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However, the source files used to build the whole FlightGear package are continuously being developed by dozens of contributors, who collaborate using CVS to create a new "unstable" version every few days. If you want to use one of these unstable versions, or tinker with the source files to create your own custom version, the pages below describe how to compile the FlightGear package from the CVS source files.
'''Due to a hardware failure, the CVS servers of the FlightGear source and data repository are currently down. As a result, many links on this or other pages describing the built of FlightGear from CVS are obsolete.
Some highly skilled people are currently working on a substitute for the CVS system and it is already complete. Repository at: [http://www.gitorious.org/fg Gitorious.org]'''
'''Building FlightGear''' may refer to:

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