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This page is dedicated Many people think that contributing to showing that enthusiastic FlightGear users do not necessarily have to be familiar with C/requires writing C++ or 3D modelling in order to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the FlightGear projectModeling, and therefore feel that they cannot contribute. Not so. There is are a whole variety of interesting possiblities ways to make very gratifying contributions to a valuable and satisfying contribution FlightGear without having to be a developer.This page is intended to provide a starting point for those wanting to contribute, but who don't know how. 
Often, work in such non-development related areas will at least be as appreciated by other users as are contributions by developers, simply because it is in the nature of non-development related contributions that they will specifically appeal to non-developers/users. So, if you would like to help the FlightGear project improve, please take a look at the following opportunities and feel free to make suggestions for new ones.
If you are contributing to the core simulator, or an aircraft in CVS, you should be part of the FlightGear-devel mailing list, which is the primary point of contact for all discussions regarding the development of the simulator.
==== FAQ-Maintainers ====
The FlightGear project is currently looking for people who are willing to maintain the FAQ, if (which is quite out of date). If you you would like to get involved, please subscribe to the FlightGear Developers [[Mailing list]] in order to discuss the details.
==== Submitting Bugs to the Bug Tracker Administrators ====Bugs are currently being reported at [ this tracker]. Feel free to contact one of the project owners to be added to the member list, if you would like to add a bug (or two). Reporting bugs accurately helps make bug fixing significantly easier for the developers.
==== Artwork Creators/Contributors ====
FlightGear itself would not be possible without the contribution of various types of artwork, i.e. often :* Often aircraft developers have to use different resources to accomplish the goal of realistically modelling modeling a particular aircraft. Hence, it is essential to contribute resources such as Contributing photographs, images, sounds (to all have value.* A splashscreen is displayed when loading the simulator, and can be continued)specific to the aircraft being loaded. Why not create a spashscreen of your favorite aircraft* Sound recordings of aircraft are also valuable - particularly engine sounds for unusual aircraft.
==== Scenery Model Creators ====
The FlightGear project maintains a steadily growing repository of [ 3D models] for adding some eye-candy to the Scenery. The World has always enough room left for your [ contribution]. Please take the time to investigate what's already there and enjoy populating your favourite area.
Note that you don't have to create any models yourself. You can simply place existing models using the UFO.
==== HowTo Writers ====

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