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Howto:Extend Nasal

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Some interesting ideas for extending Nasal this way have been collected at [[Proposals:Nasal related]].
= Pre-Requisites =
In order to work through this article, you will likely need to be interested in FlightGear core development, need to be somewhat familiar with C/C++, as well as with some basic Nasal (given that Nasal itself is implemented in ANSI C, basic C knowledge will mostly do for starters-C++ knowledge will only be required in order to understand the FlightGear side of things).
In addition, you may want to check out the [ FlightGear Integration Docs].
= Nasal =
Introductory information on the Nasal programming language itself can be found at [[Nasal scripting language]]. Information on writing simple Nasal scripts can be found at [[Howto: Write simple scripts in Nasal]]. Useful Nasal snippets can be found at [[Nasal Snippets]]. A Nasal Style Guide is available at [[Nasal Style Guide]] (Note that as of 05/2009, this is work in progress).
const char* cool="cool";
const char* uncool="uncool";
const char* resresult;
naRef retval;
if (!argc || !isNaNum(args[0]))

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